Friday, December 19, 2008

Surprise & Restless dream-translations.

Have you wondered what Willow said to Buffy in Buffy's dream in Surprise? Or what Anya & Giles said to Xander in his dream in Restless?

Well, wonder no more, because I stole the translations from

"She finds Willow sitting at a table with a large cup of cappuccino and an organ grinder's monkey.

Willow: (to the monkey) L'hippo a pique' ses pantalons.
Translation: The hippo stole his pants.

Lyrics: I'm a hurricane

The monkey on the table with her squeaks. Buffy walks up to the table and looks at Willow curiously. Willow smiles at her and waves. Buffy raises her hand back, but remains confused about the monkey."

"GILES: Hm. Now, the others have gone on ahead. (Points down the hall.) Now, listen very carefully. Your life may depend on what I'm about to tell you. You need-(Giles' voice changes to a man speaking French. Sounds like the voice on a tape in a beginning language class. Giles continues talking and gesturing, but what we hear is the French.)

GILES: (French)XANDER: What? Go where? I don't understand.

GILES: (??) Ce n'est pas le temps pour des jeux. [This is not the time for games.](Anya approaches.)

ANYA: Xander. (Fake French woman's voice) Il faut que tu viens avec nous maintenant. On t'attends. [You have to come with us now. They're waiting for you.]

GILES: C'est que j'ai vous dire. [That's what I said.]

XANDER: Honey, I don't... I can't hear you.(Anya takes his hand.)

ANYA: C'est pas importante. Je t'escorte. [It's not important. I'll take you.]

GILES: Allons-y la. [Let's go.](Giles also takes Xander's hand, trying to pull him down the hall. A random guy goes by on a skateboard, pushes Xander down the hall)

XANDER: W-wait! Where we going? Where? (Looks over his shoulder as they pull/push him down the hall. Struggles.) Hey! (People in the crowd pick him up. In the crowd we can still see Giles with the apple in his mouth.) Let go! Hey! (The final "Hey" echoes.)"

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