Sunday, November 15, 2009

MY THOUGHTS Why is Riley working for Twilight?

Why is Riley working for Twilight?

Here's how it could have happened:
Sam (Riley's wife) and a slayer got into a argument. The slayer kills Sam, accidentally. Riley kills the slayer out of anger, but later regrets it. But all Twilight has seen is Riley killing a (somewhat) innocent slayer. He approaches Riley to make him an deal;
To help kill the girl responsible for giving the slayers power, Buffy. He might even have given him a speech of how all magic is bad and needs to be banished (this is assuming he doesn't want to keep Riley in the dark, like he could be doing with Amy and Warren).
Riley knows he got no choice. If he refuses Twilight might kill him, and even tough he doesn't care much about his own life anymore, he still cares about Buffy, and doesn't blame her. Or maybe he does. Maybe he could bring up Gigi and Simone as examples of Buffy's judgement when talking to her, which will add to the 'Buffy wonders if she made the right decision in Chosen-theme of the season. But Riley still wants Buffy alive because he realizes that they still fight on the same side and he's not, you know, a murderer.
So Riley's kind of a double agent. And he let himself get branded with Twilight's mark to show loyalty.
But what he doesn't know, is that the mark ties him to Twilight and because of it, Twilight can read all the treacherous thoughts going on in Riley's mind...
(This kinda makes me think of my 'Riley is Twilight's puppet'-theory. Check it out here.)
Unless you haven't guessed it, I confess, I have a soft spot for Riley. Even tough he practically cheated on Buffy, I still feel for the guy. And I don't believe he just woke up one day and decided he wanted Buffy killed. So this is one theory. I could be way off, of course.
EDIT- It's now the 7th December and a month after its publication date, I have now read issue 30 of Season 8, which proves a mayor part of my theory wrong straight away (the old puppet-theory too). Twilight seemed surprised that Riley had betrayed him, so he couldn't have expected that. But how he and Twilight got working together could still fit my theory.

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