Monday, October 24, 2011

Angel meeting Buffybot

A thread over at Buffy-boards-com asked the question: What if Angel meet Buffybot? Sounds hilarious, and as a member pointed out, Spike's programmed Buffybot to hate Angel. So i came up with this scenario that I think would happen if Angel was, let's say, in Sunnydale to get a talisman for a Angel Investigation case.

[Angel literally bumping into Buffybot while looking for a talisman in Sunnydale]

ANGEL: B-Buffy. I... I'm sorry. I mean, hi, how you've been? I'm sorry for not telling you I'm in town, there's kind of this case, I, I have to look for this thing, this talisman, to save some people. I... How've you been?

BUFFYBOT: I'm Buffy. You're Angel. I don't like you, my love for you was false, you ninny.

ANGEL: Buffy!? Buffy I know we argued last time we talked but this is-

BUFFYBOT: I'm sorry Mr. Redemption-Complex, but I have to go and have lots of sex with Spike. Stay away from me and my family, or you will meet my stake. Bye bye!

[Buffybot strolls of leaving a hurt and confused Angel]

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