Friday, May 14, 2010

Spike's lifts.

A thread over at talks about how Spike's height from time to time changed on screen and in promo shots. James is said to be 5'8-5'9 and David is 6'1, but Buffyverse fan noticed that Angel doesn't always seem that much taller than Spike.

For example in this photo below
That photo could be a play on perspective, because James could be standing on a box or something, but according to ToShanshuInLA, "JM admitted at Dracon Con last year, or possibly the year before, that he wore lifts. He told a story about his girlfriend at the time was jelaous of how close he and Juilet Landau were and so she pretended to fancy DB, which in turn made JM jelaous and so when he guested on Angel S1 he wore lifts to uh... compensate".

At first I thought "No, he messed with the character" but then I saw how very Spike that was, so I really hope HowToShanshuInLA is right and James did say it. I don't know if Spike would ever have dared to, because I don't think he wanted to risk Angel finding out about it, but it does shine a new light on Spike's line in Chosen, about Angel wearing lifts. so maybe Spike did risk humilation to stand taller, and then turned it around in Chosen (although maybe both Angel and Spike wore lifts).

I'm thinking about harassing Brian Lynch about this so he'll include it in a future Spike comic, Spike commenting on his lifts, because that could be fun.

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