Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

[Small spoiler for Season 8 issue 12-15 below.]

From Buffy vs Dracula (Btvs, season 5). This is probably from their exchange in the castle, when Dracula is trying to convince Buffy she belongs in the dark.

Dracula tries to convince Buffy of their link in these lines cut due to length:

DRACULA: I know intimately what it is to be different. Human, but not quite... Of the world, but still an outsider... You see? We understand each other. Both of us are born of darkness, masters in the art of death-

BUFFY: No. Hold it. Enough with the darkness. I'm born of Joyce, pal.

Makes me wonder why he wanted to convince Buffy she was "dark". To get her as a trophy, extra bride or a companion? Maybe he wanted to connect with her, because like him, she's different from others of her race. Maybe he just wanted another outsider to be with. Because as we see in Season 8, he is quite the lonely man. Maybe he was lonely back in Season 5 too, looking for someone to share the dark with him?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy?

Once More With Feeling metal art.

Price-y, but gorgeous. Kind of wish they had chosen different pics for Buffy and Spike, but I heard from another fan who e-mailed them that they "were unable to find /create any images from OMWF that would've have looked good enough on metal."(source)

PS. They're also selling the pieces individually, in case you can afford/want all three. Check their store.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Andrew and his little thoughts

Here's a short web comic I just found, in the djungle that is

Andrew and his little thoughts

I generally don't like Andrew, but sometimes I can't help but smile when watching him. Specially in his is-he-or-is-he-not-gay and he's-so-gay...-right? moments.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

4x Weekly feature

Since I missed last weeks original script excerpt and 'What to buy?' posts, I'm giving you double this week.

Couplet (Ats, season 3, Angel is jelaous of Groo who got Cordy, Wesley is jelaous of Gunn who got Fred, and there's a big three-thingy that kills people).

After Wesley compares Angel's uniqueness to the rare volumes in the bookseller's shop, not only does Lionel announce that he has three copies of the book Wesley requested, but he goes even further in to unintentinally cut down Angel by admitting:

"Cover's coming off this one. I'll give you twenty per cent off and a free book mark."

Inside out (Ats, season 4, Angel's looking for Skip, Darla speaks to Connor, "Cordelia" in labour)

Darla tries to make a connection with Connor in a line cut due to length.

"I know what it's like. Being drawn into the darkness. Not knowing which path to take. Or if there even is one."

Not much Buffy or Angel collectibles being released these days, but if you happen to be into Firefly, maybe you'll like this shirt? Then there's of course the Dollhouse props FOX ebay store is auctioning off. I've heard they have happened to mislabel a item or two in their time, but as far as prop auctions go, these are said to be legit and "safe".

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy?

I found a pretty cool Hunga Munga replica on ebay.

A bit pricey, but I'd love to hang that on my wall.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

Dialouge cut from I Will Remember You, the episode when Buffy and Angel almost got their happily ever after. Possibly the sadest episode of both shows. Definitly in the top 5.

I think it was suppose to be sometimes after this scene. Maybe the cut dialouge was originally in this scene, just before Angel walks in.

DOYLE: So Buffy and Angel, it's always been pretty ... (mimes fisticuffs)... volatile?

CORDELIA: That was nothing. One time they kicked the daylights out of each other at the mall-I was too embarrassed to shop there for, like, weeks.

DOYLE: It must have been good sometime...

CORDELIA: At first he was just hanging around in the shadows, spying on us- boy, a lot's changed there, huh?-I was seeing someone at the time so I guess he sort of fixated on her.

DOYLE: And eventually they got together.

CORDELIA: Did they ever, on her seventeenth birthday. Which kicked in his 'knowing a moment of true happiness' curse and then it really got ugly.

DOYLE: He went bad, tried to kill her.

CORDELIA: He tried to kill everybody. You weren't really goin' out much after dark in those days... Then she ran him through with a sword, sent him to Hell. He popped out four months later which was like a hundred years of torment in demon time or something... His hair's never been the same.

DOYLE: And then?

CORDELIA: Then they were on-again off-again- you sort of need a score card at this point-but finally they broke up for real last spring. That's when he took off for L.A. The story thus far.

DOYLE: Great. So what happens now?

Oh Cordy, still so full of herself. It's amazing how she grew as a person, after starting out as such a immature self-centered brat.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Selling trading cards.

I'm selling my doubles of my Buffy/Angel card collection link

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Five by five

(banner made by me)

Here's 5 cool Faith & Buffy / Fuffy vids I found. Some romantic, some not.
Can't Take It (romantic?)
Fuck You
My Way
Savior (romantic)