Saturday, January 31, 2009

MY THOUGHTS on a article about Season 7.

I saw this article being linked on Whedonesque and thought it had a lot of valid points, but some things I disagree with. It's a article with ten statements about Season 7. It's very interesting, but like I said, I didn't agree with everything.

This is the comment I left on the article(most of it anyway, it was too long to be posted over there);

I agree to a lot in this article, but I have some disagreements. The major ones I will post below.

8."There's one specific point to address, which numerous people have made the subject of fics over the years; that a girl suddenly becoming a Slayer might accidentally use her unaccustomed strength to hurt or even kill someone else... and by extension, Buffy and Willow would be responsible for that. While a clever idea, I've never thought it worked that way: all the girls being empowered seemed to me to know exactly what had happened to them, and be in full control... whether it's Baseball Girl's cheeky smile or the look of determination in Abused Trailer Girl's face. 'The Chain' made that explicit, with the emphasis on how the new Slayer was hit by all the accumulated knowledge and memories and wisdom of the entire preceding Slayer line all at once. Of course, it doesn't mean that a newly Called woman will use her powers for good, but it seems clear to me that she'd use them with understanding. And I've already said I don't believe in toddler Slayers. :-)"

As we saw in the commercial in The Chain with Andrew and Vi(I think it was them), although the girl has strange dreams of being another girl in another time, she doesn't know what she is, or why, so no, it's not explicit that all new slayers are in full control and knowledge of what happened to them . For all they know they've been slipped some steroids in their drink and have weird superstrength and dreams to thank for it.

10. I respect and understand your opinions, but if Buffy had made all those women into slayers without the threat of The First's army, she should have deserved a beating.Giving someone power can be wrong. How easy do you think it is, with information about your slayer origin or not, to make love to a fragile human or to hold a newborn baby without squezzing to hard? Accidents happen, self-control slack. Superstrength and a bunch of predator-senses aren't for everyone. Unless they choose it.

It's not right to hand out power like that. Definitly not since not Buffy, Willow or probably anyone alive or dead, fully understands how the slayer energy changes a person, what it is and what exactly it does. They put demonic energy into unwilling girls. They were made into hunters. That fact is undeniable. Remember Buffy needing to hunt in Buffy vs Dracula, before she went to sleep next to Riley? I don't think Buffy would have felt the urge to hunt before she was Chosen. She has been made more... predator-like.

I understand that Buffy didn't have much choice in Season 7, and after all, most slayers she has known had been well adjusted girls(everyone but the first slayer who tried to kill Buffy and her friends in Restless and of course, Faith). They were unwillingly changed but dealt with it.

"However, my main argument against this charge is to say that really, the question of consent is the wrong question to be asking. Becoming a Slayer wasn't something imposed on these women from outside... it was already there inside them in potential, and it was only "the rules made up by a bunch of men thousands of years ago" that prevented them from all having that power. It was the Shadowmen who violated their consent, and all Buffy and Willow did was ensure that these women could enjoy the benefits of that long-ago action as well as having to suffer its downsides. They were breaking the chains, not adding new ones."

Wheter they were born to become potentials, or if the shadowmens spell "blessed" them when they were newborns, you can't say that just because it was in them, it should be let out. Buffy and Willow violated their consent just as much as the shadowmen. The shadowmen might have created slayers from nothing, while Willow created slayers from potentials, but that still does't give them the right to take away choice. I have the potential to become a martial art fighter, but that doesn't mean that I should(although even comparing the most skilled martial art fighter with a mystical demonic fighter is ridicoulous, but still.)

"On a metaphorical level, just as the story of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' was that of Buffy growing up and becoming an adult woman with full acceptance of her responsibilities, so Slayerhood is a metaphor for adult agency. You don't choose to become an adult, you don't "consent" to puberty or maturity. It happens regardless of your wishes, but you do get to choose how you respond to the changes in your body and your life."

I think that's not entirely a good metaphor. You can't compare what nature, our bodies have evolved to to survive, to the conscious acts of Buffy & Willow. The act of evolving from girl to women is unconscious and in our DNA, while the potentials becoming slayers was a conscious act. Adulthood, you can't consent to, slayerhood, you can. I might be to picky, but I just wanted to point that out.

That said, I think Buffy made the choice she had to make. Maybe the shadowmen did too, I have no idea of their motives. Weird that they couldn't find a willing girl tough.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Fan-made comics.

Remember that Faith fan-made comic I showed you a couple of months ago? It's been updated since then, so I though I'd link to it and some other fan made Buffy comics.

Faith - Redemption

Head Trip - Once more... (A hero-themed comic with some Buffy thrown in)

Buffy&Spike (this is sort of an experiment for the artist, so we probably don't get to see more of the story than these three pages)
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

But you can't INHALE (Remember to scroll down to read the artist's comments for this one)

Buffy & I (A anti-Buffy fan's journey)

Nothings ever good enough...(This artist is not a Dawn fan, lol)

Mama's boy(Poor little Adam)

Buffy Randomness

Just-a-nnoying (This reminds me of my conversations with friends...)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whose line

Here's a fun game show vid.

"Video from show Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Season VII Episode 04)

Scene - Moments before sunrise, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Colin, has come to kill Count Dracula, Ryan, as he is draining the last drops of blood from his latest victim."

And the funniest thing is, Buffy's comebacks are sometimes just as silly as Colin's version.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wedding cover on ebay.

A very rare variant(200 ever made I think, google to be sure) of issue one of Angel After the fall.

Here's Lynch's blog post about the issue and here is the auction. There's no COA mentioned but since it's from the writer himself, who needs one?

Here's a better picture of the wedding cover.

Spike in a suit/tuxedo. Priceless. And look there's Beck and... and... that invisible currently name-less dude(stupid memory) and other characters from Spike:Asylum & Shadow Puppets.

If I believed I had a chance, I would probably bid. But even tough I just got a bunch of money transfered into my account, that's a student loan, so...

Sappho "love" poem from Restless.

I'm reading Sappho right now, for my literature class. She's a famous ancient Greek, known for her poems, many about nature and also love. But she doesn't seem to be that much into free will...

Let me tell you why I bring this up here, and not on a poem-forum or ancient Greek blog;

In Restless(Buffy, season 4), the dream episode, Willow writes something on Tara's back, that I think might have been a sign from Joss to us viewers of the future mind-violation in season 6.

It's the lines in blue that creeps me out the most;

Deathless Aphrodite on your lavish throne,
Enchantress, daughter of Zeus: I beg you, queen,
Do not overpower my soul with heartaches ,
and hard troubles,
But come here, if ever at another time
Having heard my voice you paid me attention
And leaving the golden house of your father
you came to me,
Yoking your horse and chariot: gorgeous swift
Sparrows carried you over the coal-black earth,
Thickly whirling their feathers through the midst of
heaven's ether.
Swiftly they arrived, and you, O blessed one,
Smiling with your immortal face, you asked for
What I suffered, and why again I call you
And what in my maddened soul I desire most
To happen to me: what dearest one shall I now
Persuade to lead you back to her — who, O Sappho,
wronged you this time?
For even if she flees, swiftly she will pursue;
And if she does not receive my gifts, she will give;
And if she does not love me, swiftly she will love,
Even against her will. So come to my aid now,
Release me from my grievous cares, fulfill as much
As my heart yearns to be fulfilled: come, be my

It was usual, back "in the day", to invoke the Gods for your... needs(like harvest, safe journeys and such). And you might be familiar with the stories of gods & goddesses taking what they want, women turning into trees to flee their pursuers and the concept of Aphrodite "helping" with your love life.

I do not looking forwards to reading more of Sappho's work. But it was a good way of showing us of Willow's future abuse(although it was years after the show ended that I read the translation of the poem). I'm not saying that Willow did a love spell on Tara, but who knows how many memory spells Willow had to perform to keep Tara. I definitly think this poem hit home.

This translation is just one of many tough, it must be, since the ancient greek is a very old and different language, and this poem has ben studied and probably translated by many.

I found this translation it here. But I also found this site with this translation;

Many colored throned immortal Aphrodite,
daughter of Zeus, wile-weaver,
I beg you with reproaches and harms do not beat down O Lady, my soul.

But come here, if ever at another time
My voice hearing, from afar
You have ear, and your father's home leaving
-- golden -- you came.

This translation is a bit different, and doesn't seem to have the whole poem. I'll e-mail the site owner and ask about this. Maybe, the first site was wrong and added to much and Willow's subconscious isn't so creepy. Maybe.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

The following scene from Redefinition(Angel, Season 2) was cut, due to length:

Cordelia moans at length to Phantom Dennis about her personal distress after Angel’s decision to fire her, Wes and Gunn. After a bit of monologue, Dennis opens TV Guide, then turns on the television:

Cordy: "Oh, I’m sorry Dennis. Is my pain boring you? You dead guys are so insensitive".

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super-cool comic trivia site.

I was just told about this site. Did you know that "The final cut", a stand alone in the original Buffy 63 issues run was re-done and is a part of the merchandise; Supernatural defense kit?(The expanded version is in one of the Omnibuses, the third) Or that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Rogues Gallery, a story by Andi Watson and Hector Gomez, was broken down into two page installments in the pages of Diamond Previews (1999-2000). According to Buffy editor Scott Allie, the story was not archived and therefore could not be collected in the Buffy Omnibuses making it the only Buffy story to not be reprinted."

I'm all giddy! I had no idea about the supernatural kit-stuff, I thought there was only one version of The Final Cut. I wonder which issue of Diamond Previews had the Pike & Buffy panel.

Ebay, here I come!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deputy Major.

I didn't notice that the Tom Lenk video I showed before has two Buffy actors, not one. Jack Plotnick is the Deputy Major that Faith kills!

I edited the original post.

Vi plays WoW.

And that's not a weird title at all.

Felicia Day(plays Vi, the red-headed potential slayer) teaches Jimmy Fallon how to play World of Warcraft.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comic characters Beck & Tok to return.

Read first.

I smell a mini-series.

Unless you've read Spike:Asylum or Spike:Shadow Puppets, you have most likely no idea who Beck and Tok are. They are two kick ass heroins. In Asylum(5 issues), Spike is sent on a misson to save a girl from a asylum and in that asylum we meet Beck, a firestarter. In Shadow Puppets(4 issues), a much lighter and even silly book compared to Asylum, we meet Beck again, as Spike aids her in her and Tok's quest to save children in Japan(although Spike would say that they aided him, not the other way around. You know how Spike is).

Both books are written by Brian Lynch, who also has written Angel: After the fall & Spike: After the fall. I recommend both series very much and I suspect that this new series with Beck and Tok(I assume that it will be a series, but a stand alone would be fine too) will be enjoyable as well, with or without Spike (please Mr Lynch, with Spike).

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jack and Tom try to make a YouTube video

Tom Lenk(Andrew) and Jack Plotnick(the deputy major Faith kills in Season 3 of Buffy) try to make a youtube video. They discuss the movie Twilight, do some acting and it seems like they're very tired.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

4 customs.

Custom-maker Msbig has made 4 new Buffy customs this month and since I couldn't decide which one I liked the best, I'm going to show them all.

First we have the Doctor and Rose(from the tv-show Doctor Who), as seen in issue 6 when they appear as passers-by on a London street.

Link to Rose
Link to the Doctor

And the some Tara and Willow love, as seen in the episode Real Me(Buffy, Season 5). Link.

Finally, Buffy from Fool For Love(Buffy, Season 5). Ouch. Link.

OMG, James has facial hair!

Always wondered how James would look if he didn't shave for a few days? No? Just me?
Anyway, one of Marsters co-stars in the new channel movie Alien Western has a facebook-account and she has uploaded some on-set pics(I hope she realizes that by doing so, Facebook now owns them).

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

I bring to you, dear readers, another line of a Buffy the vampire slayer original script, cut due to length. Oh horrible fate that has cutendth thee line of brilliance! I shall say no more of this awful horrendous deed, since it seems as if the book Odyssey, which I am currently obliged to read, and it's formal and excessive style has "rubbed of on me" as you mere mortals would express it.

* * * * *

From Living conditions(Buffy, Season 4), the episode where Buffy has a annoying roommate from another dimension, Buffy is complaining early on about her new roomie to Giles;

"I mean, she'd make anybody nuts. She has her outfits written up on index cards, and she gives them names like 'Easter at the White House'. I find that deeply, deply disturbed. Don't you?"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Vid of the year 2008

Nominate your favorite Buffy/Angel fanvideo, tell your friends to nominate your own vids(don't be ashamed to beg) or check out the great vids that others have nominated for this years awards;
PS. The closing date for nominations is 31/01/09.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Extra Harmony.

This is a little memo for me. You see, other than Harmony Bites(search to find it), which I wrote about a few posts ago, there's a few more Season 8 related things out there that's not in the comics. At least not in Season 8.

This is copied from the Buffy zone over att;

"And for the scavenger hunters among you, dig the back covers of B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess #1, The Cleaners #2, Kull #3, or Solomon Kane #4, all of which come out this month and feature a special three-page tribute to Harmony, with art by Jo Chen and Georges Jeanty, and a Q&A with Harmony (again, written by Jane . . .)."

So now there's 4 other comics that's on my To Buy-list(unless I'm wrong and the tribute is the same in all books).

I'm such a geek, can't miss out on anything... Maybe that doesn't make me a geek, only obsessed. Whatever.

Also, here's a MTV-guest blog post from Harmony(written by Jane Espenson).

And lets not forget Harmony's Myspace page.

Next month, we get a new tie-in story as well;

" Next month sees the release of Steven DeKnight's tale of Kennedy and Satsu in Japan, and you'll want to look to MDHP again for another tie-in there, with art by Camilla d'Errico." (source Buffy zone)

I love that there's so much Buffy out there, other than in the ordinary comics, but it's getting hard to keep track of. Good thing that I have a blog.

EDIT- The ad I mentioned in the four non-Buffy comic books (Solomon Kane, etcetc), turned out they're the same ad. I'll see if I can upload it later.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I want to tell you about

5 ebay-auctions that makes me drool

2x Season 8, issue 1, both covers signed by Georges Jeanty and graded 9.8 by CGC(9.9 is the highest grade). For you who don't know, CGC is a well known company that grades comics. Since I want to own something pretty and Buffy related that probably will increase in value, I want these. The auction has ended but since no one bought them they will probably be up soon again. Not that I'm able to waste money on something that I will probably only think of and look at once a month.
More on CGC: If you do have a comic that's in good shape and happen to be attending a comic convention or such, chances are that a Buffy artist will be there, and a CGC representative who can watch over the signing and then grade the comic. Not that a comic has to be signed to be graded. Take a look see if you want to know more.

Episode dailies/outtakes for 2 episodes, divided on 6 discs. Both eps include Buffy/Spike sex scenes so I suspect there will be a lot of yummy takes on these DVDs(if not, they should use that picture in the auction).

As much as I want this material, buying it feels wrong because a)It's illegal and these people shouldn't earn money on it, Joss and the other Buffy-people should. B) I might be able to find everything online for free, googling. Still, these dailies would be awesome to see and it might be something I can't find anywhere else. But as for now, I'll just cruise youtube and forums for clips. While feeling guilty of course.

The vampyr book replica. I do want the real prop used on screen but I'm realistic enough to be able to settle for a replica. I can't imagine what the real one costs. And you know, this has a velveteen-lined hidden space and all. It's a cool decorative item that can be enjoyed by non-Buffy-fans as well as people like me (a drooling obbsessed crazy fan).

A shirt SMG wears in the episode Buffy vs Dracula(plus another shirt worn by her in an unknown episode). Good that it's already sold. Otherwise I would have been very tempted.

And now *drool* Spike's amulet. No FOX COA is mentioned in the description, but hopefully the seller has one. Otherwise I wouldn't buy it, even if I was rich, since then it might very well be a fake. Look here for a guide on how to recognize real props.

However, the thought of owning on of the amulets.... I saw another one(this seller said that three were made)on a Swedish Buffyforum, where the owner posted pics. I really wanted to marry that guy. Seriously. But I guess stealing it would be easier...

Two funny vids.

Oz likes Stacy's dad...

Demons are ugly

Monday, January 12, 2009

New After the fall merchandise for January 14

Angel After the fall vol 2(to the left) will have a second printing and there will be cover gallery comics released for After the fall as well, collecting the covers for the Angel:After the fall's 17 issues run and Spike:After the fall's 4 issue run.

"Angel: After the Fall Cover GalleryAlex Garner, David Messina, Tony Harris, Nick Runge, the Sharp Bros, Franco Urru, more (a) • Alex Garner (c)

The covers to Angel: After the Fall and Spike: After the Fall have featured art from some of the top names in comics, from Eisner-winner Tony Harris to series mainstay Franco Urru and many more. Now is your chance to see portraits of 32 logo-less reproductions of these covers featured in one ad-free issue!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99"

I assume there will be more issues since there's
so many covers. Too bad they're not collected in a hardcover tough.

I was imagining myself living in a big mansion that has a big lavish, yet spartan and tasteful, living room. There's a big coffe table, possible made out of a antique wheel, with a few carefully selected coffee table books (in this fantasy I know people that would want to read coffee books) layed out. One of them would be a hardcover book with After the fall covers.

I was disappointed when I read carefully and noticed that it was just single issues. Not as classy to have on a coffee table, you know? Some might say that comic covers in a hardcover might not be classy either, but I think most of the after the fall covers are extraordinary works of art that can be enjoyed even by non-geeks (In my fantasy I also have non-geek friends).

But since I will buy the ordinary After the fall hardcover's, it would seem as waste of money if I bought the cover gallery, as single issues or hardcover, since the covers are also collected in the ordinary hardcovers.

Maybe if I get rich and can afford that mansion...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

So I'm thinking light green background for the layout. Yes or no? Hmmm...

Anyway, cut-due-to-length-goodness of the week is from The I in team(Buffy, Season 4).
Remember Buffy's little camera-speech to professor Walsh after the murder attempt on Buffy? This is the dialouge that aired, but here's the part that didn't make it into the aired version;

"Slick trap you set for me. Sorry to disappoint you, but I killed your two pets. There's a couple of research grants down the drain. Oh, and about you trying to kill me? I'd say that's an issue you and I need to discuss. So get ready. I'll be paying you a visit. Real soon."

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Balance Theory

A fellow slayaliver(touched, who has changed name now) wrote a very interesting theory about Season 8's Twilight on about Twilight's mission. It's called the Balance Theory.

Here it is:

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

First off, let me say that I like the idea of Twilight never being revealed, rather to be a brand new character (we haven't had one of those since S5!!) and that his "fake out" was nothing more than that.

I have always thought Twilight to be morally ambiguous, and secretly wondered if he was from a power that watched the world similar to the guardians. Why else would he be magical and condescend Buffy for her use of magic?

Twilight + Guardians: The Guardian did say that she was the only left in the world. That doesn't include other dimensions, which is where I have always thought Twilight originated from. She also said that they were there to help and protect the Slayer, and that they watched the Watchers. Jane Espenson recently said that "The point of slaying is to even the balance between the dark and the light - it's not to wipe out the darkness." What if Twilight was an emissary from a power similar to the Guardians that monitored the balance of good and evil? What if he is a Guardian not too happy with what she has done with the scythe? This brings me to Balance Theory.

Twilight as Balancer: Buffy's role as slayer, as Jane puts it, is supposed to be a balancing force of light against the darkness. Since the activation of the Slayer Army, the light of good has grown too powerful, and it has obviously began it's corruption (see: Buffy's jewel heist, Simone's rogue heist... ooh, Issue #23 connection??). This makes me think that perhaps he as a "big bad" isn't all that bad, and is kind of justified in his actions. Twilight also took some joy in the carefully orchestrated battle which he pitted equals against each other, not caring for the outcome (Watcher against Warlock, Slayer against Slayer). This lends me to believe that Buffy is not Twilight's target for elimination, but rather the Slayer army itself. Why else would he attack the Scotland Castle when Buffy was in Japan? Granted, he did say he would kill Buffy they next time they met, but perhaps he doesn't intend to face her again. I don't have my copy of "A Beautiful Sunset" on me, but I remember someone asking why he didn't kill her, and he responded that it had been done in the past to little effect. Instead he sought to hit her at her greatest weakness: her moral certainty.

If Twilight really is from a different dimension, an emissary from Powers which watch the balance of good and evil, I would suspect that he is a new character, and will never be "revealed".

New layout?

I'm itching for a new layout(even tough Fran Garcia's Buffy painting that I use for background is gorgeous). I'm a banner-holic and on the Buffyforums that I hang out on I change my signature-banner and avatar all the time. So being able to keep this layout for months is amazing for me but now I wonder, should I change it? What do you guys think?

Leave a comment here if you have suggestions(pretty please).

What color should I use for backgrounds & text, what kind of headliner should I have, should I change font(I use trebuchet now)? And so on.


Ever thought about collecting comics? Maybe you already are? In either case check out the checklist that queeroid(a slayaliver) made for Angel: After the fall, Spike: After the fall and Buffy Season 8. Those are lists of all the covers and how rare they are.

I can't promise that every fact and cover is correct tough, because the link for Spike: Atf #1 2008 Diamond Retailer Summit Cover - Limited Edition is showing the wrong cover. It's suppose to look like cover B(picture to the right), but without text and it might have different coloring. But other than that, the lists seem to be correct, but google and double-check before you buy.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Song of a Vampire Victim.

So I was looking around online for something fun and came across this song:

The Song of a Vampire Victim
(to the tune of "I'm Being Eaten By A Boa Constrictor". Look HERE if you don't know the song)

(sick version)
I'm being eaten by the vampire Drusilla,
I'm being eaten by the vampire Drusilla.
I'm being eaten by the vampire Drusilla,
And I don't like it very much.
Oh no (oh no), no blood in my toes (no blood in my toes),
Oh gee (oh gee), no blood in my knees (no blood in my knees),
Oh fiddle (oh fiddle), no blood in my middle (no blood in my middle),
Oh heck (oh heck) no blood in my neck (no blood in my neck),
Oh dread (oh dread), no blood in my head, no blood in --

(slightly sicker version)
I'm being eaten by a vampire named Angel,
I'm being eaten by a vampire named Angel.
I'm being eaten by a vampire named Angel,
And I like it very much.Oh gee (oh gee),
I'm weak in the knees (I'm weak in the knees),
Oh fiddle (oh fiddle), he's touched my middle (he's touched my middle),
Oh my (oh my), he's so hot I could die (so hot I could die),
Oh yes (oh yes), there's blood on my dress (there's blood on my dress),
Oh heck (oh heck), he's biting my neck, he's biting my --

I found this and other funny Buffy songs at this site
Funny Buffy Songs!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ongoing Q&A for #21(Season 8) with Scott Allie.

Q&A in progress.

The Q&A

Harmony bites

This is sort of a comic tie-in to issue 21(Season 8) with Harmony and Clem. I hope there will be more.
Written by Jane Espenson
Art by Karl Moline
P.S. You might have to search for the story, since new ones are added all the time.

Monday, January 5, 2009

WARNING Buffy calendar 2009

I guess this warning will be a bit late for those of you that have already bought the Buffy calender for this year, but I just wanted to show you this pic of January in case you haven't(I "borrowed" the pic from hitrun017 over at slayalive);

The middle picture is the rape attempt from Seeing Red. Not exactly something you want to be thinking of everytime you look in the calendar.

"Let's see, dentist at the 11th, date with Eric on Thursday and oh, Buffy being raped."

I'm not sure if the person who picks the pictures for the calendar hates the Spike/Buffy relationship, is lazy and don't want to browse for pics or have a peculiar sense of what's appropriate, but I think it was a bad choice.

I don't have the calendar myself, but as far as I've heard, the rest of the months have good pics, so if you put a post it or something over the middle picture, I guess it's still worth buying.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

This weeks unshoot treasure is from the episode Dead Tings (Buffy, season 6), the episode where where the geeks try to rape, but end up murdering.

Xander finds another piece of evidence concering Katrina's death in the newspaper in a line cut due to length:

"According to this, they place the time of Katrina's death almost a full day before you saw her in the woods."

Final gay post.

Now for my final "gay" post of this theme week.

I thought that I would have it out of my system, but man, I haven't even posted my Top ten gay moments of Buffy of Angel yet, or my Satsu & Buffy article or my Willow:Still a cheater? discussion yet. Still working on those.

I guess those homophobes are right. Buffy is a gay show.

Gay as in "happy" *wink wink*

Now for some lesbian-ish articles & interviews that I found on


Lesbians, where art thou?

I'm not sure if this can be qualified as an article, I just know that I love it. It's poignant and tragic. I do wonder if this woman had watched Season 7 and Willow & Kennedy's romance before writing this piece. Maybe she has by now and is reading Season 8, her hopes high again. For her sake alone, I hope that neither Willow & Kennedy die. But if they do, I don't think it means

"Bad lesbians. Bad girls."

Sorry for babbling, now just read it:

Lesbians, where art thou?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The gay-theme continues with some more art. Warning: Not worksafe.

Time for vids. But since blogspot hates me, you have to scroll down a lot.

Faith/Buffy Lacrymosa

Willow/Buffy It's only love
[Buffy and Willow share a secret love. Buffy gets upset that Willow won't reveal their true feelings but in the end they find their way back together.]

Xander Looking Cute, Feeling Cute
[SO FUNNY! Spike is Xander's gaypimpdaddy.]

Willow/Tara All the things she said
[It's basically W after talking to T falls asleep at B's house and with all her stress about T and Oz she has the dream(MV)about what could or will happen in the coming with her an T.]

Not a fanvid, but I had to show it.

I can't remember where I got all pics, but here are some of the source-links
And to get to the youtube pages, just click on the vids.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

9 things I want for 2009.

Since a new year is here, I thought I would stray from the gay theme of this week and tell you about

9 things I want from the world of Buffy & Angel this year;

*I want the Buffy tarot cards that were cancelled to be un-cancelled.. LINK We don't know why they were cancelled, maybe there's a good reason for it, but I want them bad. Look at the art of these 9 cards that were a "preview" of what's to come. I think I remember that we were promised spoilers for Season 8 as well, hidden in the cards' art.

*Buffy the sketchbook 3 to be released soon. Read more about the sketchbooks in my old post HERE

*More Buffy & Angel comics. Preferably something set between Season 7 & 8, with lots of character development. I want to know about how Xander came to be with Dracula, how Kennedy died, how did Vi become squad leader, did Buffy have trouble gathering the slayers, etc etc.

*Or even better, I want a Buffy movie set between Season 7 & 8, explaining things. Guessing is fun, but also unsatisfying. Maybe the slayers didn't want to follow Buffy at first, maybe there's was an apocalypse, maybe Xander or Dawn saved the day, maybe Giles fell in love, you know, we have no idea.

*I want Willow to not have been cheating on Kennedy(in Season 8). Maybe the vision we're shown in issue 10 was more innocent than it seemed. I can dream.

*I want a Spike tiki made and released. One is planned, so it's probably coming. And oh, preferably, it will be much cheaper than the ones being sold now. Otherwise I have to settle for drooling over pics of it, like with the rest of the Buffy-tiki's. (If you don't know what I'm talking about CLICK )

*I want to hear news about a Watcher's guide 4. The guides have so far covered Buffy season 1-7, but I want something similar for Season 8. I don't just want sketches and script notes, I want issue guides, interviews, essays and other fun things that the authors had in the previous guides. But to flesh the book out, it should include Season 9 as well (which mean that it will take a while before the book is done, since we don't even know when Season 9 will begin). Actually, now when we're at it, include all the Buffy comics and the Angel ones as well, just to make it more interesting.

*I want Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Amy Acker, James Marsters, Georges Jeanty, Brian Lynch and lots of other Angel & Buffy people to come to this event, Hallowhedon. It's around Halloween next year and since it will be in London, I might be able to make it (I live in Sweden and plane-tickets to cons in USA costs a lot). But I will only go if enough people show up (because of money issues) and so far there's only Nick...

*I want Riley to be nice(for you non-Season 8 readers, Riley is an allie of the big bad of the season) Let him be mind-controlled and used, not evil. Sure the guy pretty much cheated on Buffy with those vamps, but still. Read my theory about Riley's betrayal here if you want. Hopefully I'm right, and Twilight is controlling Riley.
That's it folks. Hopefully some of my wishes will come true. I should have gotten candles on my birthday cake so I could have blown them out and made a wish...