Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comic characters Beck & Tok to return.

Read first.

I smell a mini-series.

Unless you've read Spike:Asylum or Spike:Shadow Puppets, you have most likely no idea who Beck and Tok are. They are two kick ass heroins. In Asylum(5 issues), Spike is sent on a misson to save a girl from a asylum and in that asylum we meet Beck, a firestarter. In Shadow Puppets(4 issues), a much lighter and even silly book compared to Asylum, we meet Beck again, as Spike aids her in her and Tok's quest to save children in Japan(although Spike would say that they aided him, not the other way around. You know how Spike is).

Both books are written by Brian Lynch, who also has written Angel: After the fall & Spike: After the fall. I recommend both series very much and I suspect that this new series with Beck and Tok(I assume that it will be a series, but a stand alone would be fine too) will be enjoyable as well, with or without Spike (please Mr Lynch, with Spike).

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