Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I want to tell you about

5 ebay-auctions that makes me drool

2x Season 8, issue 1, both covers signed by Georges Jeanty and graded 9.8 by CGC(9.9 is the highest grade). For you who don't know, CGC is a well known company that grades comics. Since I want to own something pretty and Buffy related that probably will increase in value, I want these. The auction has ended but since no one bought them they will probably be up soon again. Not that I'm able to waste money on something that I will probably only think of and look at once a month.
More on CGC: If you do have a comic that's in good shape and happen to be attending a comic convention or such, chances are that a Buffy artist will be there, and a CGC representative who can watch over the signing and then grade the comic. Not that a comic has to be signed to be graded. Take a look see if you want to know more.

Episode dailies/outtakes for 2 episodes, divided on 6 discs. Both eps include Buffy/Spike sex scenes so I suspect there will be a lot of yummy takes on these DVDs(if not, they should use that picture in the auction).

As much as I want this material, buying it feels wrong because a)It's illegal and these people shouldn't earn money on it, Joss and the other Buffy-people should. B) I might be able to find everything online for free, googling. Still, these dailies would be awesome to see and it might be something I can't find anywhere else. But as for now, I'll just cruise youtube and forums for clips. While feeling guilty of course.

The vampyr book replica. I do want the real prop used on screen but I'm realistic enough to be able to settle for a replica. I can't imagine what the real one costs. And you know, this has a velveteen-lined hidden space and all. It's a cool decorative item that can be enjoyed by non-Buffy-fans as well as people like me (a drooling obbsessed crazy fan).

A shirt SMG wears in the episode Buffy vs Dracula(plus another shirt worn by her in an unknown episode). Good that it's already sold. Otherwise I would have been very tempted.

And now *drool* Spike's amulet. No FOX COA is mentioned in the description, but hopefully the seller has one. Otherwise I wouldn't buy it, even if I was rich, since then it might very well be a fake. Look here for a guide on how to recognize real props.

However, the thought of owning on of the amulets.... I saw another one(this seller said that three were made)on a Swedish Buffyforum, where the owner posted pics. I really wanted to marry that guy. Seriously. But I guess stealing it would be easier...

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