Monday, January 12, 2009

New After the fall merchandise for January 14

Angel After the fall vol 2(to the left) will have a second printing and there will be cover gallery comics released for After the fall as well, collecting the covers for the Angel:After the fall's 17 issues run and Spike:After the fall's 4 issue run.

"Angel: After the Fall Cover GalleryAlex Garner, David Messina, Tony Harris, Nick Runge, the Sharp Bros, Franco Urru, more (a) • Alex Garner (c)

The covers to Angel: After the Fall and Spike: After the Fall have featured art from some of the top names in comics, from Eisner-winner Tony Harris to series mainstay Franco Urru and many more. Now is your chance to see portraits of 32 logo-less reproductions of these covers featured in one ad-free issue!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99"

I assume there will be more issues since there's
so many covers. Too bad they're not collected in a hardcover tough.

I was imagining myself living in a big mansion that has a big lavish, yet spartan and tasteful, living room. There's a big coffe table, possible made out of a antique wheel, with a few carefully selected coffee table books (in this fantasy I know people that would want to read coffee books) layed out. One of them would be a hardcover book with After the fall covers.

I was disappointed when I read carefully and noticed that it was just single issues. Not as classy to have on a coffee table, you know? Some might say that comic covers in a hardcover might not be classy either, but I think most of the after the fall covers are extraordinary works of art that can be enjoyed even by non-geeks (In my fantasy I also have non-geek friends).

But since I will buy the ordinary After the fall hardcover's, it would seem as waste of money if I bought the cover gallery, as single issues or hardcover, since the covers are also collected in the ordinary hardcovers.

Maybe if I get rich and can afford that mansion...

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