Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Balance Theory

A fellow slayaliver(touched, who has changed name now) wrote a very interesting theory about Season 8's Twilight on about Twilight's mission. It's called the Balance Theory.

Here it is:

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

First off, let me say that I like the idea of Twilight never being revealed, rather to be a brand new character (we haven't had one of those since S5!!) and that his "fake out" was nothing more than that.

I have always thought Twilight to be morally ambiguous, and secretly wondered if he was from a power that watched the world similar to the guardians. Why else would he be magical and condescend Buffy for her use of magic?

Twilight + Guardians: The Guardian did say that she was the only left in the world. That doesn't include other dimensions, which is where I have always thought Twilight originated from. She also said that they were there to help and protect the Slayer, and that they watched the Watchers. Jane Espenson recently said that "The point of slaying is to even the balance between the dark and the light - it's not to wipe out the darkness." What if Twilight was an emissary from a power similar to the Guardians that monitored the balance of good and evil? What if he is a Guardian not too happy with what she has done with the scythe? This brings me to Balance Theory.

Twilight as Balancer: Buffy's role as slayer, as Jane puts it, is supposed to be a balancing force of light against the darkness. Since the activation of the Slayer Army, the light of good has grown too powerful, and it has obviously began it's corruption (see: Buffy's jewel heist, Simone's rogue heist... ooh, Issue #23 connection??). This makes me think that perhaps he as a "big bad" isn't all that bad, and is kind of justified in his actions. Twilight also took some joy in the carefully orchestrated battle which he pitted equals against each other, not caring for the outcome (Watcher against Warlock, Slayer against Slayer). This lends me to believe that Buffy is not Twilight's target for elimination, but rather the Slayer army itself. Why else would he attack the Scotland Castle when Buffy was in Japan? Granted, he did say he would kill Buffy they next time they met, but perhaps he doesn't intend to face her again. I don't have my copy of "A Beautiful Sunset" on me, but I remember someone asking why he didn't kill her, and he responded that it had been done in the past to little effect. Instead he sought to hit her at her greatest weakness: her moral certainty.

If Twilight really is from a different dimension, an emissary from Powers which watch the balance of good and evil, I would suspect that he is a new character, and will never be "revealed".

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