Monday, January 5, 2009

WARNING Buffy calendar 2009

I guess this warning will be a bit late for those of you that have already bought the Buffy calender for this year, but I just wanted to show you this pic of January in case you haven't(I "borrowed" the pic from hitrun017 over at slayalive);

The middle picture is the rape attempt from Seeing Red. Not exactly something you want to be thinking of everytime you look in the calendar.

"Let's see, dentist at the 11th, date with Eric on Thursday and oh, Buffy being raped."

I'm not sure if the person who picks the pictures for the calendar hates the Spike/Buffy relationship, is lazy and don't want to browse for pics or have a peculiar sense of what's appropriate, but I think it was a bad choice.

I don't have the calendar myself, but as far as I've heard, the rest of the months have good pics, so if you put a post it or something over the middle picture, I guess it's still worth buying.


  1. I received it for Christmas and I actually think I might wait for February to put it up. It's nothing to do with whether or not I support Spuffy- I just don't particularly want a picture of an attempted rape on my wall for 31 days! I thought maybe I was overreacting so it's nice to see that other people find it inappropriate.

  2. Exactly. It got nothing to do with the pairing, it's just not a nice moment. And it doesn't fit in with the other non-violent pictures either.

    /The Buffyverse Addict

  3. As much as I appreciate the fact that "Buffy" calendars are still being made despite the fact that the show has ended, I hope that next year's calendar has an editor who knows a little about the show or tries to find out if the pictures might offend someone.

    I really like the Spuffy relationship, and I'm sad to see this particular moment captured right in the middle of the January picture.

  4. Oh lord. I purchased the 2009 edition that includes Tara instead of Oz, but I'm pretty sure that the other pictures are the same. I sure hope there isn't a huge picture of Tara being shot or lying on the floor on her month.