Saturday, January 3, 2009

The gay-theme continues with some more art. Warning: Not worksafe.

Time for vids. But since blogspot hates me, you have to scroll down a lot.

Faith/Buffy Lacrymosa

Willow/Buffy It's only love
[Buffy and Willow share a secret love. Buffy gets upset that Willow won't reveal their true feelings but in the end they find their way back together.]

Xander Looking Cute, Feeling Cute
[SO FUNNY! Spike is Xander's gaypimpdaddy.]

Willow/Tara All the things she said
[It's basically W after talking to T falls asleep at B's house and with all her stress about T and Oz she has the dream(MV)about what could or will happen in the coming with her an T.]

Not a fanvid, but I had to show it.

I can't remember where I got all pics, but here are some of the source-links
And to get to the youtube pages, just click on the vids.

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