Friday, December 31, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy?

I searched for Buffy articles and found some neat ones. Here are a few:

Anya art cards
Keepsake box
Stuffed Mr. Pointy

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From The Freshman. Buffy season 4.

After Buffy falls through the roof into Sunday's lair. Part in bold got cut. Source.

Buffy is slammed to the ground. She sees in front of her:

ANGLE: BUFFY'S WEAPONS TRUNK. Under some of her other stuff. She crawls towards it.

Sunday steps between her and it and picks up something else: Buffy's Class Protector umbrella.

Oh, this is my favorite item.
better way to say, I am the very most
of geek."

You don't want to touch that.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy?

In case I get money as a Christmas present this Vampy Cat necklace (hopefully the seller will make more) and this Vampy Cat toy are high on my need-to-buy list.

I'll probably spend it on comics though. Darn comic-addiction.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Unreleased merchandise

There's plenty of Buffy/Angel merchandise that was never released. See some figs here, some here. And some here (not sure which ones, the one which names are blank and don't link anywhere I think). The snow globe seen here. The Du lac cross, The Gentlemen's box, the urn of Osiris, Buffy plush stake and Darkest magicks book here. The tarot cards seen here. So much we never got to see.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From Hush. From the wicca group meeting scene.

As you see, the part in bold was completely cut. Source.

The most important thing
is the Gaia Newsletter.
We need to get the message
of blessing out to the sisters.
Also, who left their scented
candles dripping all over my
womyn-power shrine?

Well, this is good,
this is all fun...
a bake sale, some baked
goods there... But there's
also other stuff... that
we might show interest in...
as a wicca group...

Like what?

Well, there's the wacky notion of spells...

Well you missed last week,
we did a healing chant for
Chloe's ankle, she said the
swelling went right down.

What is she doing
on a mountain bike anyway?

She was trying to impress Justin.

I was actually talking more
about real spells.
You know:
conjuring, transmutation...

Oh yea, and then we can all
get on our broomsticks and
ride around on our broomsticks!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy?

Sideshow's new Willow statue is avaliable for pre-order. There's a regular version and a exclusive (the exclusive having a few extra accessoaries). She's the second statue in sideshow's new Buffy line, Buffy has been released so far (regular and exclusive, but notice that the dress is actually dark red in real life, she has been re-painted since the promo shots), and Faith is planned.

I go from "loving it!" to "meh" and back all the time. Love the paint job (no bright yellow hair here, like on the Buffy statue), I think I would love the clothes in case Willow had pants/stockings under the mini skirt and didn't show her belly, I want the werewolf to look more like in the concept art(I think I recall it being more cute), love the skull/rat/candle and base.

Her leg looks posed, not as if she turned back in the middle of a step, which reminds me of a show horse's funny/weird "look at me walking pretty!"-walk. In case she had been smiling I could have bought that she was looking back at Oz, thus the leg going up, as if she's a movie, being kissed (you know how female characters sometimes lift up their leg when kissing?). So her pose isn't actually that slutty, just awkward. It's the bare legs that make the pose seem slutty.

I like the over all feeling, she's relaxed, she's cute, it's a ordinary day in school and she just saw something that made her look back (maybe Buffy called out her name?). Then I hear the voices in my head saying "Willow would not look that comfortable showing midriff and having a mini skirt without pants. And why does she look like she's posing AND walking?".

She so close to being brilliant it's actually makes me sad. I can't believe someone being too hot and relaxed about it makes me not have happy feelings. :(

I think I'll just pick this up if I a) get a great job (as in decent sized paycheck), or b)find it cheap on ebay.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not official

Regarding yesterday's post: There's been an update.

"But, unfortunately it's not official. I received an email from Scott @ Dark Horse, letting me know that this art is no longer in consideration for Season 9."

I think I'm glad. The likeness was great, but I'm used too more cartoony art now.

Artist for season 9? *POTENTIAL MINOR SPOILERS*

Could this be some of what we'll get to see in season 9 of Buffy? New interior artist and all?



Update: The article now says:
"But, unfortunately it's not official. I received an email from Scott @ Dark Horse, letting me know that this art is no longer in consideration for Season 9."

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From A New Man. A cut Riley & Giles interaction.

Aired version here.

Original version (source)

At Buffy's party:

So, you're retired?


Or, you're working somewhere
else now?

Well, not... between projects just
now, personal...

Riley tries to help.

Oh, I know how that is. My dad
was out of work a while back. He
sells farm equipment. It was rough.

I see.

He was great about it though --
didn't want to, you know, lie
around the house, watching TV--

Riley! Look at this. Giles
doesn't have any cake!

Oh, hey. I'll get you a piece.

Monday, December 13, 2010

11 awesome GIFs

11 awesome can't-look-away sci-fi GIFs.


Friday, December 10, 2010

NSFW: Statues.

So I was just showed these statues. I'm warning you, it's not exactly safe for work.

Buffy and River.

I think I've seen this company use the Sideshow Buffy premium format sculpt to make their own modified Buffy. I think sideshow might have told them to take it down (since it's illegal to use copyrighted figures and re-sculpt and massproduce, but not to use certain parts from figures to make new statues). I have to say, they did better with that statue. It had huge boobs, but the head (which they just seemed to have painted over if I recall, not modified) seemed less out of place on the body.

Weekly feature: What to buy?

The official Buffy calendar for 2011 is out in stores now, but for you Season 8 fans (I mean "us Season 8 fans"... I have to remind myself I still like it) Mr. Savath Bunny over at slayalive has made his own that you can order online. Check them out.

Seems to be legal, since he's not actually making any money, just making us able to use his pics to order our own calendars from other companies.

PopMatters call for Papers

Want your thoughts on Joss Whedon an his work to be published? Look this way.

I'd love to write a essay, but since I'm behind on school work and the deadline is a bit too close for my taste... *sob*

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Should Spike have been staked in season 4?

Should the scoobies have staked him in season 4, after he got chipped? I see some people saying he's harmless, he's fun, he's sexy, it was good he wasn't staked, but I find it so out of character for the characters not to stake him. He was evil for christ sake!

As soon as it turned out he knew nothing useful about The Initiative, they should have killed him.

Buffy should have because she's perfectly fine with staking evil massmurderers.

Anya should have, to protect Xander. It seems weird that she didn't.

Xander should have, but both he and Willow can be excused, they were still young and innocent(okay, Willow is just stupid for caring for Spike, after he threatened to rape her in Lover's walk and tried to turn her in season 4). Same with Tara.

Giles is a killer and he kills when he has to. The younger members of the Scoobie gang could be excused, but he's seen too much death to not take Spike seriously.

They let themselves believe he was safe, even tough he mentioned nothing about redemption(not until he feel in love with Buffy anyway), and the chip could stop working any time (or he could kill innocent demons or hold the scoobies while another demon killed them for him). And after him banding together with Adam, they all knew damn well what damage he could do.

I think it's extremely out of character for the entire gang to ignore the danger. So I blame the writers. They wanted to keep Spike around, so they had the scoobies accept him way too easily. Not until Intervention, when he stands up against Glory, do I understand why they let him live. Scratch that; I understand why they're unwilling to kill someone who can't defend himself. But that's not enough reason to not kill a massmurderer who wants nothing more than being able to kill again, and who was likely to try get unchipped so he could do just that.

Don't get me wrong, I love his development as a character, I'm a huge Spike fan, but everytime I watch a scene reminding me that they let him live before that, I grind my teeth.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script.

From Entropy (BtVS, S6).

Buffy tries to lighten up the situation with her shoplifting sister in a line cut due to length:

"And, you know, maybe in a coupleof months they'll let us visit the leather birthday jacket."

Karuna Tanahashi

Tanahashi has made several Buffyverse songs (check the youtube channel), and I think this might be her latest one.

If I Were A Robot

Aaaaaaand art!

I wanna show you some of my digital fanart. I've really gotten better (specially since I started using amazing textures other people have made, lol).

Spander + Willow

Fuffy + Spara and other random stuff

*spoiler for issue 5 of the ongoing Spike series* Spike cover

Fuffy again

More Fuffy + Fillow(Faith+Willow, I don't know if there's a better shipping name)

Weekly feature: What to buy?

Ever wanted to read the pre-Season 8 Darkhorse comics, or have you only been able to read a few and want more? They're all collected in Buffy Omnibus 1-7 (except for Tales of the slayer, and Tales of the vampires).

I'm telling you all of this since there's a seller on ebay selling them all in one lot, and the price is very cheap. The bid might go up, but it's at only 17.50USD now.


There's another seller selling a lot as well, but not as cheap. Click