Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy?

Sideshow's new Willow statue is avaliable for pre-order. There's a regular version and a exclusive (the exclusive having a few extra accessoaries). She's the second statue in sideshow's new Buffy line, Buffy has been released so far (regular and exclusive, but notice that the dress is actually dark red in real life, she has been re-painted since the promo shots), and Faith is planned.

I go from "loving it!" to "meh" and back all the time. Love the paint job (no bright yellow hair here, like on the Buffy statue), I think I would love the clothes in case Willow had pants/stockings under the mini skirt and didn't show her belly, I want the werewolf to look more like in the concept art(I think I recall it being more cute), love the skull/rat/candle and base.

Her leg looks posed, not as if she turned back in the middle of a step, which reminds me of a show horse's funny/weird "look at me walking pretty!"-walk. In case she had been smiling I could have bought that she was looking back at Oz, thus the leg going up, as if she's a movie, being kissed (you know how female characters sometimes lift up their leg when kissing?). So her pose isn't actually that slutty, just awkward. It's the bare legs that make the pose seem slutty.

I like the over all feeling, she's relaxed, she's cute, it's a ordinary day in school and she just saw something that made her look back (maybe Buffy called out her name?). Then I hear the voices in my head saying "Willow would not look that comfortable showing midriff and having a mini skirt without pants. And why does she look like she's posing AND walking?".

She so close to being brilliant it's actually makes me sad. I can't believe someone being too hot and relaxed about it makes me not have happy feelings. :(

I think I'll just pick this up if I a) get a great job (as in decent sized paycheck), or b)find it cheap on ebay.

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