Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script.

From Goodbye Iowa, the episode where Riley has to realize the Initiative might not be all that good.

The following exchange was cute due to length:
WILLOW(encouraging): I bet you will.
BUFFY: No. No bet. I will make it work.

[This came out a tad more strident than she planned.]

No clue which scene it's from, I don't know the episode very well. Maybe she was talking about how she would make her and Riley's relationship work?

Related to the previous post

Quote from the maker of the Dollhouse plate:

"Hi everyone!

I'm glad everyone has been enjoying our artwork. The question most put to me is: Do you have any Buffy or Angel stuff? I've created a poll on our Ebay Store homepage so everyone can vote. The poll will stay up for one week and then the winning selection will have another poll to focus the theme of the new piece. We will continue adding one poll each week. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.


MattAvitech Graphics "

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dollhouse&Firefly collectibles.

Here's a really cool Dollhouse plate that I just bought.

Click :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::..... Video of the art
Limited to 250 pieces and made for San Diego comic con 2009 (but only a few were sold there, I think the deal with the convention feel through or something).

I bought it a couple of days ago, but they refounded 5 USD to me just now because they're going to have a 24h discount starting at noon PDT.

They're also selling a Firefly piece.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Petition for you Eaglemoss fans.

From btvsfigsforum:

"Right we've had word from an anonymous member of EM that there is a danger that Faith could potentially be the last of this series of special figures. So before the decision gets made, we've decided to set up an online petition to try more of them made!

So if your a fan of the collection or show, please sign the petition (use your real name) and spread the word to really support the cause. Also if your undecided about whether to buy the figures or waiting for a future one, I'd suggest going and buying them now to ensure we got any other beyond Faith made!

Here's the link:

Please help this unique collection keep going!"

In case you want the line to keep going, sign.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From Dad, Angel season 3 (Angel Investigations turn back to the hotel after the birth of Connor and Angel adapts to being a dad. Then there's running away from enemies and all that).

Lilah is naturally quite impressed by Holtz' accomplishments, however, Gwen-Ms. Files & Records-doesn't get the joke in these lines cut due to length.

Lilah: You think he has a fan club?
Gwen: No.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

MY THOUGHTS Reasons not to have Kennedy killed

Something I posted over at Slayalive's blog just now:

I realize my little list is nothing compared to the other serious blogging going on on this blog, but what the hell, it's well over midnight and I don't want to go asleep since that means I have to wake up tomorrow to do the homework I should have done today(not that staying up later will help, but let's ignore that fact).

So here is my list;

10 reasons we shouldn't keep saying "Joss, kill Kennedy. Kill her NOW!"

10. She's hot.

9. Wanting someone to die is wrong. Bad fans.

8. She's a hot lesbian.

7. I like her wardrobe.

6. She makes Willow happy.

5. She's a good fighter. She has to be. Can you imagine how many people/demons who must have tried to kill her for her personality's sake? Yet she's still standing.

4. She's funny. Okay, her jealousy and general crappy attitude gets annoying, but she is from time to time very amusing with her personality disability(I'm not sure if that's a actual term, but I think it's quite fitting when talking about Kennedy).

3. I want her to become more likeable/admirable before she dies. Otherwise we'll always remember her as "that lame character who was only there to bitch and be Willow's rebound-girlfriend. Not even a real character, just a tooth ache and pain killer all wrapped up into one, impossible as it may seem"(okay, I realize not everyone who reads this is anti-Kennedy, but you can partly agree that she needs to develop as a character more, yeah?)

2. Sometimes you need someone who questions you. Because let's face it, Buffy's great, fantastic, a "hell of a woman" as Riley and Spike said, but she's not perfect and it's good for her, and other people Kennedy questions, to re-think their plans. And I think it's motivating for Buffy too. I bet she loves proving Kennedy wrong.

1. The nr one reason not to have Kennedy killed;

Who else will be bitch about? Rona? Amy? Warren? You often don't know a good thing before it's gone, so keep on hating that brat, because you know that it's likely that Joss will one day be able to make us like her, and then soon kill her.

Not bad for something written at 1 am, huh?


Saturday, September 19, 2009

The girl in question: The better version

This is the most awesome thing I've seen all month.

It's like a visual slash/fluffy-fanfic. So much fun.

Watch and laugh.

PS. It's 3 parts.

Emma Caulfield's webcomic.

You can read Caulfield's webcomic Contropussy here(released early in August).

According to whedonesque Emma has tweeted that "Yes CP will be motion animation in a few months. The web comic is only phase one people".

She seems to still be adding pages to it, so come back for more.

I can't decide wheter I like the comic or not. It's something else. Don't think I like the character Contrapussy tough. Bad puns and she seems to be a bitch(look who's using bad puns now).

But then again, I usually roll my eyes at Cordelia's snobby behaviour and Buffy's puns, so maybe I'll continue to read.

Next Eaglemoss figurine.

It looks like we might get The Master next(nothing confirmed tough).

But since Brian Lynch hinted over here that the members in that thread would be very pleased with who's coming next, I'd guess Darla or Faith.

Btw, first pic found here.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From, Birthday, the Angel season 3 episode when Cordelia gets into a coma from a vision and later receives demon powers.

Cordelia deals with her fears on her own when no one can hear her.

"The last time I was this scared - I guess I was around eight or nine - and the clown just thought he was doing his job, but the way he twisted those balloon animals... For years I had nightmares that he'd come into my house and twist off my-"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Buffy figure?

Sideshow has released this sneak peak of a new collectible.

It does look like she's holding a stake, doesn't it? So hopefully it's Buffy.

You can speculate here, on sideshow's own forum.
I hope it's a statue, with a creative base and amazing likeness. Even tough my wallet is pretty empty...

Time & Space Toys - 75 % off Buffy and Angel items.

Time & Space Toys have a discount on the Angel & Buffy items they have left.

Read more here.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From the episode Benediction.

The following exchange was cut after Lorne suggested that maybe they should be wearing lead when using Fred's radioactivity device.

CORDELIA: Good point. Fred, how worried should we be about contamination?

FRED: I wouldn't be. I mean, not now. Not after we've been sucking this stuff up all day.

GUNN: Nice.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Top 5 list

Top 5 Buffy/Angel Episodes To Watch When You Need To Take Your Mind Of Things.
So I just found out that my cat died. So to take my mind of things, I'm making a Buffy list, something that usually entertains me.
Nr 5.
Him, Buffy Season 7.
It's a silly and funny episode, but it has enough character development for me to be able to focus on the fictional character's lives and problems, instead of mine.
Nr 4.
Spin The Bottle, Angel season 4.
As long as I go "la-la-la, Jasmine's not going to possess/is not possessing Cordelia, lalala, I can't hear you" over the Angel/Cordy bits, I have several good laughs.
Nr 3.
Life of the party, Angel season 5.
Very funny and light. It has it's depressing spots, but seeing everyone doing Lorne's bidding is pretty fun to watch.
Nr 2.
Over the rainbow/ Through the looking glass/ No place like plrtz glrb, Angel season 2.
I pick all these episodes because a) I have a hard time choosing, b) they all follow each other, not even seconds pass between, so they're kinda the same(I didn't put Belonging up there tough, even tough it was right before Over the rainbow, because it's not as light as the others).
These episodes are funny and light, and considering what will happen in season 3, with all the badness, I like watching these episodes, because they make me smile, and it's the last time I really feel like I'm watching a family on-screen, not a detective agency, filled with internal problems(okay, there was that time in Waiting in the wings when they were still all liking each other, but since that episodes ended with broken hearts...).
Nr 1.
Something blue, Buffy season 4.
I'm not really a Spuffy-fan(but I'm getting used to the idea of them not being completely horrible together) but seeing them "in love" like that was hilarious.
* * * *
That's it folks. These aren't the funniest episodes, although all of them are on my top list of funniest episodes, I just wanted to make a list showing which episodes I'm likely to watch pretty soon. I need Buffy & Angel right now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update: Collectibles

I made a blog post over at the SlayAlive blog that contains recent updates for Buffy collectibles.

For example the Georges Jeanty sketch book vol 3 that will be for sale here and at DragonCon tomorrow.

Check it out.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This is the cover for the Retreat arc (issue 26-30 of Season 8). Hard to see who's who, but my guess is Giles, Oz, Kennedy, Buffy, Satsu, Faith and Xander. And Twilight turning away in the background(pissed off at what Buffy's about to do?)

Buffy has her hands up, and she's walking forward, like she's surrendering. Or maybe showing that she's no threat?

I've thought since issue 21, when Harmony outed vampires to the public, that Buffy needs to do some damage control before people start grabbing pitchforks and torches. We don't want people grabbing any girl who might or might not be a slayer and burn them on stakes, witch-hunting style(which reminds me of a story from the Tales of the slayers, where a slayer gets burned by the people she just saved).

I'm not saying everyone believes that vampires exist because some blonde bimbo says so on TV, fangs or no fangs(people might just think that's a special effect). But the Tales of the vampires one shot that was released this year and a few other lines from Season 8 implies that enough people believe that vampires exist and that slayers are bad, which means that Buffy needs to get her story out there.

Tell them about The Council(not too much, then people might get scared of their power to manipulate society, like they showed they could do in Checkpoint, where they threatened to deport Giles) and how they've been killing vampires for centuries, saving people, and tell them to go check corpses in the morgues.

Does anyone bodies have weird neck-wounds? Any police reports about stranger crazy people trying to bite people who walk home late at night?
Some PR from Buffy's side would be good. Of course, the public is unpredictable. Maybe they like Harmony too much. Maybe the WW2 is still too fresh in people's memories, and people are afraid to judge vampires just because they're different, so they're willing to sympathize with these "poor misunderstood creatures" and dislike this "racist" organization that's out for dust.

EDIT- Better version of the cover

Another freaking amazing 12" custom by Willowswarlok!!!!

I wish I was rich. Or at least able to save money. Then I could afford a one-of-a-kind custom by Willowswarlok, like the one below.

So I need about £250. Or for a smaller 6" custom, about £90.

Does anyone need a kidney?

Click here for more photos and see how it was made.

(The little bitty 6" Chosen Buffy next to the custom is there for size comparison )