Friday, September 4, 2009

Top 5 list

Top 5 Buffy/Angel Episodes To Watch When You Need To Take Your Mind Of Things.
So I just found out that my cat died. So to take my mind of things, I'm making a Buffy list, something that usually entertains me.
Nr 5.
Him, Buffy Season 7.
It's a silly and funny episode, but it has enough character development for me to be able to focus on the fictional character's lives and problems, instead of mine.
Nr 4.
Spin The Bottle, Angel season 4.
As long as I go "la-la-la, Jasmine's not going to possess/is not possessing Cordelia, lalala, I can't hear you" over the Angel/Cordy bits, I have several good laughs.
Nr 3.
Life of the party, Angel season 5.
Very funny and light. It has it's depressing spots, but seeing everyone doing Lorne's bidding is pretty fun to watch.
Nr 2.
Over the rainbow/ Through the looking glass/ No place like plrtz glrb, Angel season 2.
I pick all these episodes because a) I have a hard time choosing, b) they all follow each other, not even seconds pass between, so they're kinda the same(I didn't put Belonging up there tough, even tough it was right before Over the rainbow, because it's not as light as the others).
These episodes are funny and light, and considering what will happen in season 3, with all the badness, I like watching these episodes, because they make me smile, and it's the last time I really feel like I'm watching a family on-screen, not a detective agency, filled with internal problems(okay, there was that time in Waiting in the wings when they were still all liking each other, but since that episodes ended with broken hearts...).
Nr 1.
Something blue, Buffy season 4.
I'm not really a Spuffy-fan(but I'm getting used to the idea of them not being completely horrible together) but seeing them "in love" like that was hilarious.
* * * *
That's it folks. These aren't the funniest episodes, although all of them are on my top list of funniest episodes, I just wanted to make a list showing which episodes I'm likely to watch pretty soon. I need Buffy & Angel right now.

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