Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy?

Own any Buffy t-shirts? Wanna?

Here's a pretty cool one. "Trust me, I'm a vampire slayer" men t-shirt, in different sizes and colors (here's one for women)

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From the episode Dead End in Angel, season 2(when Lindsey get's a "evil hand" and Angel and he finds out who it came from).

A scene with Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn observing Angel after his night out with Lindsey for signs of reversion to the dark side was cut for length:

GUNN: How you doin'?

ANGEL: (so dark and grim) How am I doin'? How am I doin'? How's it look like I'm doin'?

(The three exchange a look: uh-oh.)

WESLEY: Angel... you need to get a grip on yourself.

ANGEL: No, I need to get a grip on...
(grabs Wes)!

(I'm not saying Wes hollers exactly like a girl as Angel bursts out laughing.)

ANGEL: That was so great, the look on your faces.

CORDELIA: That's was not great. There was no greatness about that.
(She hits him with a book or something.)

ANGEL: What, I can't have any fun?

GUNN: Didn't fool me.

(Gunn slips the stake he had in his hand back under the reception desk.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fake preview *a bit spoiler-ish*

A fake preview for issue 35 of Season 8 has been spread, originating from a site that will remain nameless, because obviously they suck (it would have been awesome if they had saved it for the first of April tough). Some fans reacted to the style when shown the preview(which was advertised as real), since it's not Georges Jeanty's ordinary cartoony style, it looks more like a traced image of a screen cap from a certain scene in Chosen.

In case you know who Twilight is, or is ready for a major spoiler, it's fine to click on the link and see the well made fake.


And I here I almost decided on buying the original art for it. *sigh*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy

Like busts? I just discovered that this company, NT-Productions, make The Master and The Judge busts.

They come unpainted, with bronze effect or painted.
Here's BUFFY2ANGEL4EVER's painted(I assume) version of The Master. I'm not sure if it's the lighting or not, but it does look a bit different than the promo pic on the website, but still good.

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From the episode She (season 1 of Angel, when otherworthly women who came to Earth to escape slavery runs into Angel). Remember the guy (who's name supposedly is Mars, if I read The Casefiles correct) who greats princess Jheira at the hideout(I assume it's his house)? I think the following excerpt is from when Angel and he first meet.

Cut from the script for length was this instant diagnosis Mars offers Angel:

"When you're spiritually constipated? Gotta lose the black. Energy don't move through black. Try yellow, something with flow. Also, you need to spend a little time in the sun, bro."

This script excerpt was from The Casefiles, vol 1.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekly feature: What to buy.

I'm going to start a new weekly feature. I'll show you one collectible per week (props, comics, statues, etc etc).

Some ordinary that you can buy in any comic shop, some uinque, some cheap, some expensive. Whatever I find browsing the internet.

I'll start with something I'll buy myself soon.

Tradepaperback for Fallen Angel: Reborn

For those of you not in the know, this is a tradepaperback that's just released, and it collects a few issues starring our own Illyria, as she during Season 5 of Angel visits Bete Noire, a town of depression and darkness, where she meets up with the Fallen Angel. As I understand, the comic can be read as a stand alone, so you can follow even if you haven't read the rest of the Fallen Angel issues, but just in case, read more about Fallen Angel here.

I've followed Fallen Angel for a while, and I can't wait to get my hands on this. Peter David, who writes Fallen Angel, has written about Illyria before (Spotlight:Illyria) and he did so quite well.

Monday, January 18, 2010


A great artist just linked me to her/his Willow&Tara comic (that also features the other Scoobies). It's very well done, and the dialouge is very entertaining, and the art is wonderful.

Warning for some nakedness tough.


Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From the episode Helpless(Buffy, season 3), when Buffy suffers from loss of slayerness, due to Giles and The Council.

Buffy lists the merits of becoming a non-Slayer in this exchange cut due to length:

BUFFY: I mean, there's a plus side to being a regular girl. The whole not-bleeding-and-killing-and-dying experience.

WILLOW: As for example.

BUFFY: Then there's buying outfits without worrying if they're good for bleeding-and-killing-and-dying in. There's a lot of good to it.

Once again, Buffy quote provided by The Watcher's guide (vol 2. in this case).


Turns out the site with Spike bytes I told you about in the last post does have some non-Spike clips, further down.

Check it out

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Someone isn't worthy"

A member over at slayalive taught me to Buffy-ize my computer with different soundbites. Now when a pop up window get's blocked, the Spike quote "Someone isn't worthy" plays, and when a programme closes, Spike says "We are finished here, ducks". Those are just a few of my new computer sounds.

I just went into the control panel and found the sound section and went nuts.

I use this site for Spike clips (thanks for the link Alexiness).

Go to the forum thread for more info on how to do it in case you need help. I needed to figure it out myself since I had a Swedish version, but the instructions on that page might help you.

And for the love of God, don't forget to save the new sound settings, like I did the first time.

EDIT- Turns out that soundsite had non-Spike clips further down.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From the season 2 of Angel episode, Guise Will Be Guise (the ep when Wes pretends to be Angel and get's some action).

Cut due to length is this scene in which Wesley meets a woman at Caritas and tries to express her with his understanding of the demonic world.

WESLEY: ...might seem bizarre due to their very demonogenesis, by which I mean that they originate in a culture that stands outside and yet-

Cordelia tugs him away from the woman, toward the door.

WESLEY: I was having a conversation!

ANGEL: Wes, that was a Tarbo demon who was about a minute from plunging an ovipostor into your navel and spitting a larva into your colon.

WESLEY: Oh. Heading home, are we?

God, how fun that would have been to see. They should have dragged her out and killed her tough.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spike promo

Keep reading in case you don't know anything about who Twilight is (and want it to stay that way):

This seems to be a promo for the up-coming Spike series. The line "Summer 2010" makes me both happy and desperate.


I want it now!


Season 8 readers, stay away from spoilers! The two covers for issue 34 has been released by misstake and we know know who Twilight is (it's been confirmed by Scott Allie that Twilight is indeed the person on the covers of issue 34).

So stay away from interviews and Q&A's, banners and avatars, future covers and articles.

Do. Not. Ruin. It.

Like I did. Misstake release or not, I should know better than looking at any covers. I've been spoiled before (stupid Satsu/Buffy-lesbian article that wasn't spoiler-marked).

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Original art (yep, I'm buying again)

A couple of scans of Nick Runge's covers for issue 26 & 27. There are actually two changes from the original art and the published version for cover 26.

Original art issue 26

Published version issue 26

Original art issue 27

Published version issue 27

Notice that "the kid dressed as Spike-man, has been changed to a generic green cape and The Comic-con international logo has been changed to the San Diege Sci-Fi Fest". There seemed to have been some copyright issue that made it not possible to print that version (but it's fine to show online). Issue 27 also seems to have been cropped a bit.

I'm buying cover 26, but if anyone wants to buy the other cover, send Runge a email at He's going to give it to a ebay store that only sells to US soon, so hurry if you want it. I got mine for 160USD, including shipping to Sweden.

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From the episode Habeas Corpses in Season 4 of Angel when W&H's employees gets killed and zombie-fied.

Even in the midst of an overwhelming battle, Gunn manages to lighten the mood in a exchange cut for time:

Gunn takes an awkward step toward Wes.
GUNN: Eiyii...
Wesley raises his sword. Ready to put Gunn down if necassary.
GUNN(con't) Iiiyyii... (then completely normal) You're not gonna fall for that, are you?
-Zombie fake out.

While it is a very dangerous joke, since Wes could have acted faster and Gunn could have died, it would have been nice to see Gunn joke with Wes on the show like this during Season 4. It reminds me of older and better times.