Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From the episode Habeas Corpses in Season 4 of Angel when W&H's employees gets killed and zombie-fied.

Even in the midst of an overwhelming battle, Gunn manages to lighten the mood in a exchange cut for time:

Gunn takes an awkward step toward Wes.
GUNN: Eiyii...
Wesley raises his sword. Ready to put Gunn down if necassary.
GUNN(con't) Iiiyyii... (then completely normal) You're not gonna fall for that, are you?
-Zombie fake out.

While it is a very dangerous joke, since Wes could have acted faster and Gunn could have died, it would have been nice to see Gunn joke with Wes on the show like this during Season 4. It reminds me of older and better times.

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