Saturday, January 9, 2010


Season 8 readers, stay away from spoilers! The two covers for issue 34 has been released by misstake and we know know who Twilight is (it's been confirmed by Scott Allie that Twilight is indeed the person on the covers of issue 34).

So stay away from interviews and Q&A's, banners and avatars, future covers and articles.

Do. Not. Ruin. It.

Like I did. Misstake release or not, I should know better than looking at any covers. I've been spoiled before (stupid Satsu/Buffy-lesbian article that wasn't spoiler-marked).

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  1. Still this is going to be interesting how this pans out... but yes would've been far, far, far more exciting if they didn't show it now! but all i can say about it is OMG! jawdropping!