Sunday, January 3, 2010

Original art (yep, I'm buying again)

A couple of scans of Nick Runge's covers for issue 26 & 27. There are actually two changes from the original art and the published version for cover 26.

Original art issue 26

Published version issue 26

Original art issue 27

Published version issue 27

Notice that "the kid dressed as Spike-man, has been changed to a generic green cape and The Comic-con international logo has been changed to the San Diege Sci-Fi Fest". There seemed to have been some copyright issue that made it not possible to print that version (but it's fine to show online). Issue 27 also seems to have been cropped a bit.

I'm buying cover 26, but if anyone wants to buy the other cover, send Runge a email at He's going to give it to a ebay store that only sells to US soon, so hurry if you want it. I got mine for 160USD, including shipping to Sweden.

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