Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MY THOUGHTS on the article "What makes 'Buffy' a gay icon?"

I found this (okay, was shown by a slayaliver) article about Buffy's impact on gays (as well as other outsiders) and some talk about Season 8's development.

When you've read the article you might want my thoughts on it here below;

I do find this article enlightening, because even tough I have realized that all kinds of outsiders like Buffy, I've never thought really thought specifically about how it must be to be gay in high school. I was just fat and liked studying, another kind of outsidership. So even tough the article opened my eyes, I still disagree a bit:

"...a high school jock named Larry who mercilessly bullied Xander before coming out to him (and then coming on to him)."

Coming onto him, really? I think I would remember that. I might be wrong tough. a reason to re-watch Season 2 & 3, yay!

"...but the only one Dawn is willing to discuss her problems with is Willow, which leads Buffy to say sarcastically, " Willow's the expert on boys since when now?" It's an uncharacteristically mean-spirited remark from Buffy — shocking, even, to hear her reference her best friend's sexuality in the form of a put-down."

First of, Buffy was angry and frustrated from a fight with her sister when she thought that, so I don't think it's a big deal and does not reflect her thought on Willow or Willow's sexual references. She doesn't even say it out loud, it's part of her inner dialogue. So I think the writer of this article was overreacting about Buffy's mean-spiritness towards Willow's gayness. She's just in a mood. But it's hard to tell how much bitterness she put in that comment, since I have to interpret her mood from a page. Sometimes I really miss the screen, where it was relatively easy to see what the character was thinking and feeling.

"Unlike Buffy, whose relationships have usually ended in tears or stakes through the heart, Willow has been in relationships in which she experienced true love — not to mention mutual respect — serving as a much more positive role model for Dawn."

Let's compare Willow & Buffy's main relationships, Buffy/Angel & Willow/Tara(I hear you roar Spuffy-fans, now shush).

I'm not saying that Willow doesn't have advice to give that Buffy doesn't have, but with Angel that was definitely true love, or very similar to it, and if Tara had been a 200-year old vampire with a soul, Willow & Tara's relationship might have ended in tears too. Wait, actually it did, when Willow took away Tara's memories and Tara later found out. So let's not compare the "mutual respect" between the two relationships. They were both loving yet troubled loves, and both Willow & Buffy came out of the relationships with knowledge to share.

But despite me understanding Buffy's frustration over Dawn's unwillingness to share with her, I too would rather have spoken to Willow about my love-life in Dawn's situation. Mainly because I have big sisters and I don't feel like telling them stuff like that. I'd rather go with a Willow-type, if I knew one. Also, the fact that Dawn cheated on her boyfriend, might be the reason she'd rather talk to Willow(or Xander), because she (and he) has experience in that area.

Other than those disagreements, I enjoyed this article.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Msbig Tara&Willow customs

I thought it would be appropriate (okay, I only needed a excuse) to show you some of the brilliant Msbig's Tara & Willow customs, since they represent the main gay-ness on Buffy (did that sound retarded to you? I think I could have phrased it in a less insulting and weird way).

From the episode Out of My Mind
LINK to the Tara custom
LINK to the Willow custom

From the episode Who Are You?
LINK to the Tara custom
LINK to the Willow custom

Do I really need to tell you which episode they're from? (Once More With Feeling)

LINK to the Tara custom
LINK to the Willow custom

Top thirteen Willow/Tara euphemisms for sex.

More gay stuff.

I found a funny list over here and though I'd share it with you.


13. Searching the Nether Realms
12. Practicing Dianic rituals
11. Not driving stick
10. Working as a "single delicate implement"
9. Dripping wax on the Wymmin Power Shrine
8. Doing the "Wiccan Wiggle"
7. Riding the broomstick
6. Plucking the petals
5. Reaching consensus
4. Worshipping Thespia
3. Baking an empowering bundt cake
2. Eating an empowering bundt cake
1. One word - Spellcasting!

Gay theme week starts!

I've decided to have a theme week here at the Buffyverse addict. It will be so gay.

Interviews with the cast about the gay relationships from the show, a few funny and/or hot fanvids, beautiful fanart and articles!

(And don't worry, in case something naughty comes up, I'll warn you.)

I'll start of with a few funny videos. God how I love youtube.

Which Backstree- uhm, Scoobie is gay?

Spike/Xander - Gay bar.

Spike/Angel - If you were gay

Spike/Angel - When you ruv someone

I tried finding a funny female gay vid, but no luck. I'll keep looking.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm melting part II (kinda)

I posted a daily a few days ago, with James & Nick from Normal Again (link)

No need to check that video out to see this one, but if you saw it, you remember "the look".

Here's another outtake from the same scene, where they go a bit further...

Buffy crossword.

I just made a Buffy crossword (no Angel-knowledge needed). Enjoy.

The crossword:

The answers:

New Weekly Feature: Excerpt From Original Script

Every week I'll quote something from a original Buffy or Angel episode script, that didn't make it on to the screen.

This week it's from Earshot (Buffy, season 3).

A Buffy comeback that was cut from her "conversation" with the mouthless demons.

"Say 'Uncle'. Oops. No mouth."

Friday, December 26, 2008

Registration open at Whedonesque now!

The awesome Whedon-related news site Whedonesque finally accepts new members again. Join befire it closes.

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MY THOUGHTS Spuffy vs Bangel - a semi-serious and - sometimes insulting - comparison.

I've never been much into the Spuffy vs Bangel discussions. Partly because those discussions can get pretty passionate and because I don't really care who she's with and mainly because I just don't know how to define either relationship.

I could post a article with thousands of words trying to describe and discuss both relationships and compare different aspects against each other, but since I don't have a clear feeling for Buffy's own thoughts on the matter, why bother? Instead I'll do a few pro and cons lists of both Angel & Spike, Bangel & Spuffy, because I'm bored and because I want to make you think about these three individuals a bit. And perhaps laugh a little.

Btw, we're talking souled Spike, because otherwise the comparison isn't fare.

* * * * *

SPIKE (as an individual)

Spike's hot.
He smokes.
I bet, since he has been together with a crazy impulsive chick for over a hundred years, he has had to learn a lot of naughty stuff to keep his princess pleased.

He's a whore. Just look at his male-prostitute-outfit!


You always know what to get him for Christmas. Just another pair of denime trousers or a black t-shirt.

His wardrobe is boring. Variation is fun.
When he gets emotional, his eyes become so soft lovely. See HERE

He's a wee bit needy. And nagging. Really bad at accepting a NO. (Although, his immature pout is divine.)

ANGEL (as an individual)

He's like a big teddybear sometimes. So hugable with his awkwardness and big broad shoulders.


He's too cute. How can you stay mad with that big doofus? You can't yell at him when he gives you the puppy eyes.

He's romantic. He reads poetry by fireplaces for crying out loud! See HERE

He's romantic. He's sweet and probably a complete gentleman. Would he ever want to do something that required a safetyword? (Unless he's emotionally unstable and "bad" and keeps firing people, which takes away from the fun)


He dresses really well. Even Cordelia, ms-knows-what-to-wear, compliments his taste.

He probably uses more hair product than the average runaway model, which will make you feel like a cave-person. And look at his wardrobe. And his manicured nails! Who do you think will have to pay the high VISA-bill? When the guy isn't loaded with blood money because of W&H, he has a hard time asking his customers to pay. Sounds like doubles-shifts for Buffy at the Doublemeat Palace to me.


He's selfless. He's all about the mission for redemption ('cept when he's killing demon-slaves).

Martyr much? He gave up humanity in Season 1 of Angel, to be able to fight. Does that mean that his mission is everything? Maybe not always a con, but I'm tired feeling sorry for the guy's loneliness.


They can talk to each other, about sensistive subjects, like Heaven and stuff.


It's mostly Spike that listens and Buffy that talks. Could be because they had very different views on humanity (you know, Buffy wanted to save humans and Spike wanted to eat them. Not much to discuss or share there.)
Once Spike got his soul, they both connected to each other on a new unabusive level.
Buffy's not over Angel. She wasn't over him on the show and that big lump will proably always haunt them both. First love and all.
Spike's not perfect. You can see it in his clothes, in his past, in his attitude towards people. And because of that Buffy won't have to be her best around Spike, because he has seen her worst and he was fine with it. She can be imperfect around a imperfect person.
Spike's kind of a bitch. Soul or no soul, he steps on a lot of toes.
Spike got a soul for Buffy.

Even tough the rape attempt happened when he didn't have a soul, that will always haunt the both of them.

First love. He will always be important to Buffy. There's a big Angel shaped hole in her heart that only he can fill.
First love. Buffy was young and he was her first boyfriend and lover. So there will be some bias feelings, based on naive points of views, for both of them. After all, at the time, Buffy didn't have much to compare with and Buffy was the one who helped Angel on his path.
Even years after their last (on-screen)kiss, in Chosen they "found" each other. It's like they were suppose to be with each other. And as seen in Forever, with them sitting in the graveyard, Angel comforting Buffy after her mother's death, it's not only desire that lasted after their break up.

Years apart and it doesn't look that they will get back together soon. Should't they have by now?

Angel was with Buffy when she tried to figure the slayer stuff out, when she had a hard time dealing with her normal life and slayer duties, which shows that he's supportive. And how she accepted him back in Season 3, after months apart and much heartbreak, shows devotion from Buffy.

Angelus. They might have struggeled to get back together in Season 3, but will they ever get passed those months? And, the curse. That needs to go bye bye before anything serious can happen. Not even casual dating is safe.


Angel was unselfish enough to "do the right thing"(or what he thought was the right thing). To leave Buffy so that she could have her own life, without depending on him.
Him leaving will always be a sore memory for her.

* * * * *

So, with these facts (okay, opinions, assumptions if you will) in mind, which guy do I think Buffy should be with?

No idea. Love works in mysterious unrational ways, and no matter which guy I like (Spike) the most, who knows which Buffy would love the most, if they were all given equal fair dating-and-getting-to-know-each-other opportunities.

Right now tough, if Buffy had to choose, she would probably pick Angel. Seems that way to me anyway, after all I've seen through the seasons.

Notice how she was turned more towards Angel in this panel from Season 8? The artist drew the three of them like that from Joss directions (source: Buffy the sketch book, vol 1).

Brian Lynch's Merry Ask-Mas.

There's a Q&A going on over at slayalive.com with the writer of Angel After the Fall. Hurry up to ask a question!

Merry Ask-Mas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Hope no homophobs are reading the blog. :)

Anyway, here are some Christmas-y vids that I wanted to share.

First something a little wild, Christmas Eve Sarejevo by Trans-Siberian, to Once More With Feeling clips.


Then a look at a Buffy commercial


Something sweeter...


And finally I'm going to throw in a Halloween vid, because it's awesome and I love Halloween.

Happy holiday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Free comics.

Don't you love free stuff? I have some Buffy comics to show you.

(Don't worry, it's legal.)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tiki update

The designer of the Buffy Tiki statues left a message on btvsfigs forum on the 17th December:

Just a quick note here. Comic stores who ordered from Diamond Comics will be getting their Willows in the next week or two. There was a big mix-up with shipping her so Diamond's orders got delayed a bit. BTW, you heard it here first, we added another two years onto our Buffy license so Faith is being sculpted as I type and hopefully will get the Spike design ironed out. Anything you have seen re:Spike is irrelevant now as I have been redesigning him from the feet up. My old drawings were pretty bad. I have some fun plans for him. No updates on other characters yet though.

I thought I would jump on here to post this update, but keep in mind that don't peruse forums very often. We do answer e-mail messages so, feel free to keep in touch that way.

Tracy Mark Lee
Electric Tiki Design "

I'm so glad that they'll redo the Spike-design. As you see on this page (scroll down) Spike isn't the best design they had.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

2 Buffy customs you've got to see.

Look what I found at BTVSfigsforum.

CLICK for more info and photos.

CLICK for more info and photos

Buffy animated video issue 19.

For every issue of Season 8 and After the fall, a fellow fan makes a animated video. For all Season 8 vids, he has added voices to the Season 8 vids with the help of other fans.

Here's the vid for issue 19:

LINK to his youtube page

Christmas dances.

Here are some Christmas dances by the characters of Buffy & Angel. Kinda.

Videomaker: Illyria's Pet/smartjoe/Joe

Merry Christmas from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!




Merry Christmas from Angel



Essentials for Q&A

If in case you were too lazy/busy to read read the Q&A with Scott Allie that I mentioned in a post below, you might be interested in getting the cliff notes.

*In a interview with Georges Jeanty, the main penciller for Season 8, a "summer special" was mentioned, taking place between Season 8 & 9. But now it seems as if it won't happen:

dane5by5: A little while ago Georges Jeanty revealed that there are plans to do a "summer special" for the series after Season Eight ends in 2010, can you reveal any details of this? Like, writers, story or characters?

Scott Allie: First I've heard of it ... might be a misread of something Georges said? We did have an idea for something that would sit between Seasons 8 & 9, but now we're backing off that idea. But it was never a summer special.

Here's the link to the interview with Jeanty, where he says "After season 8 wraps there will be a Summer special that if it comes together will be amazing!"


*There are no plans on doing something as different, style-wise, as issue 20. But issue 24 will be drawn by Cliff Richards, due to schedule, instead of George Jeanty.

*There might be more than 40 issues in Season 8. "It's not all written yet. The story will end when it needs to, and I hope it's right at fourthy, but there's still some stuff left to be determined."

*Issue 20 was based on a script for the animated series that never came to life. About 7 scripts were written, taking place in Season 1, and one of them was rewritten to fit in Season 8.

*Leah is prounounced: LAY-uh.

*The name for issue 24 is "Safe" and the name for issue 25 is "Living doll".

*The title for the next arc (issue 21-25) is "Predators and Prey."

Iloveromy: Do you know if Dark Horse will ever make their back issues available for download? Also as far as using the Buffy license in unique ways, have you guys thought about animating your issues the way Marvel did with Astonishing X-Men #1?

Scott Allie: Yes, we no doubt will make the comics available as downloads, but there's not a way of doing it that we're happy with yet. And there is talk of doing some animations of the comics, but I'll leave that for a later Q&A.

I think that's the most important part of the Q&A. But if yoy want more click

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I'm melting.

A daily (uncut illegally uploaded scene) from Normal Again.
As the description says HERE the vid shows one of James famous 'fuck me, NOW' looks.
How anyone, female, male, gay or straight can keep their heads while working with him is a mystery to me.

Surprise & Restless dream-translations.

Have you wondered what Willow said to Buffy in Buffy's dream in Surprise? Or what Anya & Giles said to Xander in his dream in Restless?

Well, wonder no more, because I stole the translations from www.buffyworld.com

"She finds Willow sitting at a table with a large cup of cappuccino and an organ grinder's monkey.

Willow: (to the monkey) L'hippo a pique' ses pantalons.
Translation: The hippo stole his pants.

Lyrics: I'm a hurricane

The monkey on the table with her squeaks. Buffy walks up to the table and looks at Willow curiously. Willow smiles at her and waves. Buffy raises her hand back, but remains confused about the monkey."

"GILES: Hm. Now, the others have gone on ahead. (Points down the hall.) Now, listen very carefully. Your life may depend on what I'm about to tell you. You need-(Giles' voice changes to a man speaking French. Sounds like the voice on a tape in a beginning language class. Giles continues talking and gesturing, but what we hear is the French.)

GILES: (French)XANDER: What? Go where? I don't understand.

GILES: (??) Ce n'est pas le temps pour des jeux. [This is not the time for games.](Anya approaches.)

ANYA: Xander. (Fake French woman's voice) Il faut que tu viens avec nous maintenant. On t'attends. [You have to come with us now. They're waiting for you.]

GILES: C'est que j'ai vous dire. [That's what I said.]

XANDER: Honey, I don't... I can't hear you.(Anya takes his hand.)

ANYA: C'est pas importante. Je t'escorte. [It's not important. I'll take you.]

GILES: Allons-y la. [Let's go.](Giles also takes Xander's hand, trying to pull him down the hall. A random guy goes by on a skateboard, pushes Xander down the hall)

XANDER: W-wait! Where we going? Where? (Looks over his shoulder as they pull/push him down the hall. Struggles.) Hey! (People in the crowd pick him up. In the crowd we can still see Giles with the apple in his mouth.) Let go! Hey! (The final "Hey" echoes.)"

Scott Allie Q&A (spoilers promised)

Scott Allie, the editor of Season 8, is having a Q&A over at slayalive.com
Join the site to ask your own question or read the questions and answers already posted HERE
Warnings for spoilers.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Internet is for porn

This is a half-good yet funny Buffy vid. Warning, it's a bit naughty.

Mooney talking about Not Fade Away

The artist of the comic adaptation of Not Fade Away, Stephen Mooney, talk about his work.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Georges Jeanty Sketchbook

These have been for sale for a while, but since I think they're awesome (and I suspect that the sooner they're sold out, a new volume will be released) I'll tell you about them anyway.

The sketchbooks contain sketches and notes from George Jeanty (the main penciller for Season 8). Vol 1 (sold out) contains "extras" for issue 1-5 and the one in the link above, vol 2, has extras for issue 5-10. It shouldn't be impossible to find vol 1 on ebay or in some story, but they might be pricey.

On every book Jeanty draws a original sketch of a character of your choice and signs it(so it won't be blank like the example above or on George's site) Since I got him to draw Tara, a character not in Season 8, I think you could pick pretty much any character you want.

Other than the back and front cover, the book is in black and white. The quality isn't the best, as a matter of fact I've use tape on a few lose pages in volume one. But other than that, I've very happy with the book. And on the back of vol 2 is the most darling Drusilla drawing ever.

I've heard that there's only a 1000 copies of each book, but since I heard it from a fellow fan who's been in contact with Georges Jeanty, I can't say for sure.

PS. In case you want several books, ask if you can get a discount.

Click HERE to see examples of headsketches or HERE (the sites have some of the same sketches)

Groo on Friends.

I found a Friend episode on youtube with a guest apperance by Mark Lutz(Groo). He doesn't play a major part, but still.

He only appears in part 2 but I'll link to the other parts of the episode as well.

Part I

Part II

Part III

PS. It's an aweful horrible thing to upload whole episodes or to watch them, I know. Still *continuing to watch*

I will buy the seasons one day...

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MY THOUGHTS Riley: Betrayer or puppet?

In issue 9 we hear Lieutenant Molter mention to Twilight (she's working for him) that;

"Our man on the inside confirms that Summers is still alive."

Twilight has a mole, spying on Buffy.

In issue 17, Buffy goes to see a secret someone. In issue 19, it's confirmed that it's Riley(unless we have a lookalike here;)

It makes sense that Riley's the mole.

Somehow, the Tokyo vamps knew about the Schyte, it's power and where it was located. They also knew about Dawn, and built a Mecha-Dawn to insult and defeat her.

I think they had been tipped of by Twilight. Or manipulated is more like it.

The slayers' castle was protected by our own super-witch's spells and assumingly technical skills. Yet Amy & Warren knew how to blow it up.

All these things are stuff that could come up an a "date" with your ex, a little small talk between former lovers. Specially since, according to the outfit, Buffy still fancies Riley.'

So, Riley's the mole. The betrayer spoken of in issue 10 perhaps?

Buffy: What happens to me here? (Refering to her crying beaten shape in a vision]
Robin: Betrayl. The closest, the most expected.

I doubt he's the betrayer, because of how he got biten by that vamp in Season 5. I doubt Buffy would consider betrayl by him the most unexpected.

But back on topic.

I do not think Riley is acting on his own will.

With my fellow Buffy-fans I've discussed who Twilight is. Marcie the Invisible gil from Season 1 and Hank, Buffy's father, were the most unlikely yet possible guesses, because as Anya did in the episode The Gift, we have to think outside the box, because you know, it's Joss' comic.

So we talked about how Riley never liked the supernatural and we came up with an idea; Maybe Sam, his wife, was killed and now he's crazy with grief and filled with hatred towards magic.

But that alone didn't explain how he was ready to murder, as Twilight or the mole.

Now it's been proven that he's not Twilight (unless they're the same person or Twilight is Future/Past/Alternative universe Riley) but he's the mole and sure, he can have strong enough motives for attacking his former love. Maybe something even bigger than his wife death happened.

But remember this line in issue 16 that immediatly made me say EUREKA!

Warren [to Twilight]: Hey, I have no skin. Which means I don't have your cute little sunset symbol carved in it. I'm in this for myself, and myself is telling you right now that this baby is gonna bring the noise.

Mind-control anyone? Warren is implying that he is working for himself, because he doesn't have the Twilight-mark on him.

In issue one, we see these men who have assumingly trapped themselves in a church with a bunch of demons. Buffy, Leah, Rowena and Satsu attacks and kills the demons and search the men's bodies. On at least one of them, the Twilight symbol is carved. Satsu, Leah, Rowena and Buffy are discussing if the marks could be self-inflicted, and if they trapped themselves with the demons inside on purpose.

Outside the church we see a couple of feet in the air, watching.

In issue 3, Giles and a demon of the same specie as the ones from the church-attack are having an argument about who lured the demons out there and

Giles: "...sacrificed two young men in the process."

They think the demons were played and the men mind-controlled and I suspect the fight was set up so Twilight could study his opponent, much like in Spike in Season 2(Halloween) when Spike maked one of his minions film a fight between a vamp and Buffy.

To sum up, I wonder, did those men and General Voll, also marked with Twilight's symbol (what the hell happened to him anyway?) act on their own accord? Was the mark just a symbol of loyality or were someone pulling their strings?

Is Riley a betrayer or a puppet?

And more importantly; Did I crack Joss Whedon's plan? Did I put the puzzle together?

Because if I did, mohahaha (wheter I was first to figure it out or not).

So, what do you guys think?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Joss on Robot Chicken LOL

Some of Seth Green's show Robot Chicken. Awesome scene with Joss Whedon that's just hilarious.


Angel music.

Click on the Supernatural/Horror box to listen to soundtracks from Angel.


Friday, December 12, 2008

MY THOUGHTS Aftermath & Season 8 connecting? *spoliers*

Time to speculate. Darkhorse comics has released some information about where Season 8 is going and I wonder if it could lead to a Angel cross-over. But don't get your hopes up.

Issue 21 - Harmonic Divergence
"'Harmonic Divergence.' Television writer Jane Espenson returns to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Season Eight. Espenson is the first of five acclaimed writers that tackle this groundbreaking story arc -- where Buffy fans are introduced to a new world where vampires are in and Slayers are out. Cue Harmony, the bubblegum cheerleader from Sunnydale High whose ambitions include blood sucking and stardom.

Issue 22 - Swell
"Vampires are the hottest thing around -- forget hipsters; being a bloodsucking fiend is where's it's at! Slayers must take the good fight underground if they're to avoid any bad press from the general public."

Issue 23
"It's Buffy--and Andrew--on a mission in Italy . . . together! Awkward? Yes!Since Harmony's television stunt, the ensuing of general vampire-love from the masses, and the destruction of the Scotland base, operations at Slayer headquarters have been somewhat strained. Rogue Slayers--Simone and her gang--have not been helping Slayer-civilian relations with their attacks against the military, bank robbing, and occasional snitching at Hot Topic."

To sum up, slayers are out and vampires are in. Could this cover for Aftermath* issue 19 be a clue?


Will vampires be popular in Aftermath as well? Or is it what I think, just a coincident? The description from IDW doesn't show anything in common with Season 8, but a girl can dream;

Description: "As Angel and the remaining survivors from their sojourn to Hell attempt to rebuild their lives and find purpose once again, they must also contend with the threat of a vengeful Lord, a mysterious cat-changer and a winged being from beyond…"

*Aftermath, to be written by Kelley Armstrong, is a Angel-series that will deal with the aftermath of After The Fall.

Not Fade Away comic adaptation.

The same guy who wrote Angel:Auld Lang Syne (my favorit non-Brian-Lynch Angel-comic) will write this comic. It won't be a simple re-telling of the final episode of Angel, it will be---
Well you can read for yourself.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

5 cool fanvids that definitely don't suck.

It's hard to find good Buffy vids on youtube, because of the lack of clip quality, mediocre vidders and poor descriptions. And when you've finally found a few good ones and made an awesome playlist, you discover that they've been taken down.

However, I looked around for a bit and I found 5 vids that definitely don't suck;

Bleed it out

Easier to run

Breaking the habit

Down with the sickness


Velvet Chain's Buffy song.

I just found a song about Buffy that was made by Velvet Chain.

Here's a fanvid made by kengelina with the song and
here's the lyrics.

link to the youtube-video

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MY THOUGHTS A laugh: How Buffy would react to Connor's existence.

On slayalive.com we had a discussion about if Buffy knew about Connor and how she would react to his existence.

I thought she didn't and this is the way she would react if Angel told her:

Well, first of, I think she would ask

"Sex? You had sex!?! We couldn't be together because of the curse, and my so called future?

It's okay, it's okay, I guess you've done research and figured out that you can have sex without turning evil, you knew that for a fact.... No? You were depressed and didn't care? YOU COULD HAVE ENDED THE WORLD FOR ALL YOU KNEW?

Oh, he's named after your dad. That's so sweet, I've never heard you talk about your parents.

So, who's the mother?

DARLA? And you let her live, after the sex, to kill thousand of knew lives? Oh yeah, I get if you'd done that Connor wouldn't be alive, but you didn't know that did you, when you sent her out of town saying 'If you come back I'll kill you'" What kind of many-pandy-slandy is that?

Oh I let you live that time in the mall??? I was 17, had just lost my virginity and stilled loved you. You had already killed Darla once!! You're 200 years old, get over yourself!

Oh a picture! He's cute."

That might be a tiny bit what Buffy would say, but mostly, that was me.

It gave some users at slayalive a laugh and I hope it did for you too.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

After the fall cover-prints from Stephen Mooney?

As a follow up on my former post, I have terrific news.

In a e-mail Mooney mentioned that he might be interested in "doing a limited run of nice glossy prints of the cover artwork and selling them for like 10 bucks a pop if there was any interest. Both in the original black and white inked state and also the colored versions."

I e-mailed back that I was very interested in buying prints but figured that he might need some encouragement from fans.

So tell me in a comment below, do you;

A. Absolutely want to buy a print


B. maybe want to buy a print


C. Want to buy lots of prints.

Tell people about this(Whedonesque?) and/or make them write to Mooney here
http://moondog-themoonblog.blogspot.com/ or in this thread.

It would be amazing if he could do this and maybe other artists would follow too.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Buy original art

Any of you interested in buying unic art that has been used in the comics? A.K.A. Original art.

Artist sometimes sell covers and interior art from the comics they've drawn. A lot can be found on ebay, but sometimes you can ask the artists themselves (if they have blogs or web-sites) if they have any art to sell. The later is probably the best way to go, since I have hardly found any Buffy or Angel art on ebay.

For example; I found Joe Corroney's(Spike vs Dracula) site
HERE where he sells art, and after contacting Stephen Mooney HERE I found out that he sells his original art as well. I asked about a few covers I'm interested in.

Here's the price for;

Angel Auld Lang Syne issue 3 : 300$ LINK

Angel After the Fall issue 4 : 400$

Angel After the Fall issue 7: 500 $

(I really want the Spike one from After the Fall, but I don't have the money.)

Now, about ebay. Unless the seller writes "original art" in the title, it's a bit tricky to find them. I try to search for the artists names as well, but since I'm interested in ANY artists work on Buffy this becoms a pain since many artists have worked on Buffy and Angel, so I just search for Buffy in the comics section on ebay and look for the priciest stuff, to see if there's any art for sale, because the art is often a bit expensive.

However, it's possible to find bargains. Happy hunting!

PS. If anyone reading this post has any Buffy/Angel art to sell, leave a comment. I might be interested, or anyone else who reads this post.

EDIT- Apparently, there's a subsection on ebay named original art(within the comics section). I should have checked that. That would be a good place to start looking(hopefully everyone will sell their Buffy art there, and not forget to if there's a original art section).

Friday, December 5, 2008

Pia Guerra Buffy Comic Art

I'm back. I couldn't stay away :)

Over at slayalive.com,
vipertm showed us some of Pia Guerra's (Y: The Last Man) Buffy & Angel try-out art for the comics.


I think they're very good. Hopefully she will get hired by IDW or Darkhorse soon so she can do some Buffy/Angel comics for us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No more blogging for a month.

I've decided to focus all my energy on finding a job, which means that I probably won't post anything new here until after Christmas.
So Happy Holiday people.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kelley Armstrong & Aftermath

As you might have heard, Kelley Armstrong will write the next Angel series, Aftermath, that deals with the aftermath of After the fall.

I just found
this forum about her (made by her?) in case you want to know more about her, and maybe ask her a Aftermath-related question, or read other Angel-fans questions that have been answered.

Otherwise, there is always
this interview you might want to read, that answers a lot of questions.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Angel: After the fall previews. Hopefully someone will do one for Spike: After the fall as well.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Issue 4 Alternate Cover Re-Color?

What do you think, better than the issue 4 we have now?


I myself like that cover more than the one we have now LINK

Except for Xander's hair color. It should be dark.

Season 8 interview with Scott Allie on Darkstars Fantasy News

Scott Allie, the editor of Season 8, answers some questions.
My favorite part was;
"Amy Madison (and Warren) seem to be recurring characters for Season 8. Do you think there can be some redemption for them? After all, Amy started her relationship with Buffy & Co. as a friend and not a foe.

As Bob Dylan said at the Grammy’s, you can become so defiled in this life that even your own parents will turn their backs on you, but even then, God believes in your own ability to redeem yourself.But no, those guys are dicks."
That's wonderful news because I am so tired of the bad guys turning good. No more, please. I need to feel free to hate someone. And they really don't seem like the nice guy type at all.

Future issues.

In times of delay, frustration and nail-biting, we live on spoliers and wild theories on the future. So I thought I would tell you some of what has been revealed of the future issues of Season 8. So beware, spoilers are coming.

Cover gallery for Season 8

Take a look at those if you want to get your own ideas first. (I was so sure that it wouldn't be Willow that was the mystery women in Time of Your life, because the cover of 19 had been revealed before issue 17 was out. I didn't think that Darkhorse would give us such a dead give away.)

Unless I mention otherwise, Georges Jeanty probably does the pencilling and the variant cover, while Jo Chen does the regular cover.

Issue 19
Name: Time of Your Life part 4
Featuring: Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Kennedy, Willow, future Willow, Fray and many others.
Release: 26th November 2008 (we hope)
Writer: Joss Whedon (and Karl Moline does the pencilling)
Darkhorse's description: Buffy and Fray take on a powerful foe, who's lasted hundreds of years just so she can bring down the last two Slayers.

Issue 20
Name: After These Messages . . . We’ll be right back!
Featuring: We go back in time and get to see Cordelia and Angel again!
Release: 10th December 2008
Writer: Jeph Loeb (and Eric Wright works with Georges Jeanty as a penciller)
Darkhorse's description: Acclaimed comic-book writer Jeph Loeb (Batman: The Long Halloween) was set to executive produce, alongside Joss Whedon and animator Eric Wight, the proposed Buffy animated TV series. While Buffy fans won't be viewing that show anytime soon, Loeb, Wight, and Whedon offer the next best thing--a comic inspired by the animated series!

Issue 21
Name:Harmonic Divergence (the first issue in an arc of five (#21-25), featuring different characters. This issue will feature one more character other than Harmony, but we don't know which one yet).
Featuring: Harmony (please Joss, kill her this time)
Release: 31st December 2008
Writer: Jane Espenson
Darkhorse's description: Television writer Jane Espenson returns to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Season Eight. Espenson is the first of five acclaimed writers that tackle this groundbreaking story arc -- where Buffy fans are introduced to a new world where vampires are in and Slayers are out. Cue Harmony, the bubblegum cheerleader from Sunnydale High whose ambitions include blood sucking and stardom.

Issue 22
Name: Swell
Featuring: Kennedy and Satsu (yay!)
Release: January 28, 2009
Writer: Steven S. DeKnight
Darkhorse's description: Vampires are the hottest thing around -- forget hipsters; being a bloodsucking fiend is where’s it’s at! Slayers must take the good fight underground if they’re to avoid any bad press from the general public.When Kennedy is sent to Japan to evaluate Satsu’s efforts as team leader, they are taken by surprise by some fierce furry creatures who want to do nothing more than destroy Buffy (surprise!), while Twilight remains the captain of the anti-Slayer ship.

Issue 23
Name: Predators and Prey
Featuring: Andrew and Buffy.
Release: March 04, 2009
Writer: Drew Z. Greenberg
Darkhorse's description: It's Buffy -- and Andrew -- on a mission in Italy . . . together! Awkward? Yes! Since Harmony's television stunt, the ensuing of general vampire-love from the masses, and the destruction of the Scotland base, operations at Slayer headquarters have been somewhat strained. Rogue Slayers - -Simone and her gang -- have not been helping Slayer-civilian relations with their attacks against the military, bank robbing, and occasional snitching at Hot Topic. Now, Andrew has a lead on how to gain intel on Simone's plans . . . but he has to go to Italy -- now! With Xander and Willow busy holding together their Slayer legions Buffy seems to be the only one with an open schedule to act as Andrew's backup. Hours of travel . . . just Buffy and Andrew . . . Really?

Issue 24
Featuring: Faith & Giles
Writer: Jim Krueger (source)

Issue 25
Featuring: Xander & Dawn.
Writer: Doug Petrie will probably write this issue (I need a source).

Issue 26-30
Featuring: Oz.
Writer: Jane Espenson

Now before we read about issue 31- 35, read this quote from
comicbookresources ;
"First, though, Allie confirmed best-selling New York Times author Brad Meltzer ("Justice League of America") would write four or five issues. "It will be issues #31-35, either all five or just four of those," said Allie. "But Brad will do the penultimate arc and Joss will do the final arc."
So 4 or 5...

Issue 31-35
Writer: Brad Meltzer

And assumingly, the last issues, 36-40(I wish I had a link to a source, but it's confirmed that it's 40 issues), will all be written by Joss, since he's suppose to do the last arc. In a few months, I will update. If you have information about the future issues, and a source link, e-mail me at skytteflickan@yahoo.se