Monday, December 15, 2008

MY THOUGHTS Riley: Betrayer or puppet?

In issue 9 we hear Lieutenant Molter mention to Twilight (she's working for him) that;

"Our man on the inside confirms that Summers is still alive."

Twilight has a mole, spying on Buffy.

In issue 17, Buffy goes to see a secret someone. In issue 19, it's confirmed that it's Riley(unless we have a lookalike here;)

It makes sense that Riley's the mole.

Somehow, the Tokyo vamps knew about the Schyte, it's power and where it was located. They also knew about Dawn, and built a Mecha-Dawn to insult and defeat her.

I think they had been tipped of by Twilight. Or manipulated is more like it.

The slayers' castle was protected by our own super-witch's spells and assumingly technical skills. Yet Amy & Warren knew how to blow it up.

All these things are stuff that could come up an a "date" with your ex, a little small talk between former lovers. Specially since, according to the outfit, Buffy still fancies Riley.'

So, Riley's the mole. The betrayer spoken of in issue 10 perhaps?

Buffy: What happens to me here? (Refering to her crying beaten shape in a vision]
Robin: Betrayl. The closest, the most expected.

I doubt he's the betrayer, because of how he got biten by that vamp in Season 5. I doubt Buffy would consider betrayl by him the most unexpected.

But back on topic.

I do not think Riley is acting on his own will.

With my fellow Buffy-fans I've discussed who Twilight is. Marcie the Invisible gil from Season 1 and Hank, Buffy's father, were the most unlikely yet possible guesses, because as Anya did in the episode The Gift, we have to think outside the box, because you know, it's Joss' comic.

So we talked about how Riley never liked the supernatural and we came up with an idea; Maybe Sam, his wife, was killed and now he's crazy with grief and filled with hatred towards magic.

But that alone didn't explain how he was ready to murder, as Twilight or the mole.

Now it's been proven that he's not Twilight (unless they're the same person or Twilight is Future/Past/Alternative universe Riley) but he's the mole and sure, he can have strong enough motives for attacking his former love. Maybe something even bigger than his wife death happened.

But remember this line in issue 16 that immediatly made me say EUREKA!

Warren [to Twilight]: Hey, I have no skin. Which means I don't have your cute little sunset symbol carved in it. I'm in this for myself, and myself is telling you right now that this baby is gonna bring the noise.

Mind-control anyone? Warren is implying that he is working for himself, because he doesn't have the Twilight-mark on him.

In issue one, we see these men who have assumingly trapped themselves in a church with a bunch of demons. Buffy, Leah, Rowena and Satsu attacks and kills the demons and search the men's bodies. On at least one of them, the Twilight symbol is carved. Satsu, Leah, Rowena and Buffy are discussing if the marks could be self-inflicted, and if they trapped themselves with the demons inside on purpose.

Outside the church we see a couple of feet in the air, watching.

In issue 3, Giles and a demon of the same specie as the ones from the church-attack are having an argument about who lured the demons out there and

Giles: "...sacrificed two young men in the process."

They think the demons were played and the men mind-controlled and I suspect the fight was set up so Twilight could study his opponent, much like in Spike in Season 2(Halloween) when Spike maked one of his minions film a fight between a vamp and Buffy.

To sum up, I wonder, did those men and General Voll, also marked with Twilight's symbol (what the hell happened to him anyway?) act on their own accord? Was the mark just a symbol of loyality or were someone pulling their strings?

Is Riley a betrayer or a puppet?

And more importantly; Did I crack Joss Whedon's plan? Did I put the puzzle together?

Because if I did, mohahaha (wheter I was first to figure it out or not).

So, what do you guys think?

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