Saturday, December 20, 2008

Essentials for Q&A

If in case you were too lazy/busy to read read the Q&A with Scott Allie that I mentioned in a post below, you might be interested in getting the cliff notes.

*In a interview with Georges Jeanty, the main penciller for Season 8, a "summer special" was mentioned, taking place between Season 8 & 9. But now it seems as if it won't happen:

dane5by5: A little while ago Georges Jeanty revealed that there are plans to do a "summer special" for the series after Season Eight ends in 2010, can you reveal any details of this? Like, writers, story or characters?

Scott Allie: First I've heard of it ... might be a misread of something Georges said? We did have an idea for something that would sit between Seasons 8 & 9, but now we're backing off that idea. But it was never a summer special.

Here's the link to the interview with Jeanty, where he says "After season 8 wraps there will be a Summer special that if it comes together will be amazing!"


*There are no plans on doing something as different, style-wise, as issue 20. But issue 24 will be drawn by Cliff Richards, due to schedule, instead of George Jeanty.

*There might be more than 40 issues in Season 8. "It's not all written yet. The story will end when it needs to, and I hope it's right at fourthy, but there's still some stuff left to be determined."

*Issue 20 was based on a script for the animated series that never came to life. About 7 scripts were written, taking place in Season 1, and one of them was rewritten to fit in Season 8.

*Leah is prounounced: LAY-uh.

*The name for issue 24 is "Safe" and the name for issue 25 is "Living doll".

*The title for the next arc (issue 21-25) is "Predators and Prey."

Iloveromy: Do you know if Dark Horse will ever make their back issues available for download? Also as far as using the Buffy license in unique ways, have you guys thought about animating your issues the way Marvel did with Astonishing X-Men #1?

Scott Allie: Yes, we no doubt will make the comics available as downloads, but there's not a way of doing it that we're happy with yet. And there is talk of doing some animations of the comics, but I'll leave that for a later Q&A.

I think that's the most important part of the Q&A. But if yoy want more click

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