Sunday, December 7, 2008

After the fall cover-prints from Stephen Mooney?

As a follow up on my former post, I have terrific news.

In a e-mail Mooney mentioned that he might be interested in "doing a limited run of nice glossy prints of the cover artwork and selling them for like 10 bucks a pop if there was any interest. Both in the original black and white inked state and also the colored versions."

I e-mailed back that I was very interested in buying prints but figured that he might need some encouragement from fans.

So tell me in a comment below, do you;

A. Absolutely want to buy a print


B. maybe want to buy a print


C. Want to buy lots of prints.

Tell people about this(Whedonesque?) and/or make them write to Mooney here or in this thread.

It would be amazing if he could do this and maybe other artists would follow too.

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