Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tiki update

The designer of the Buffy Tiki statues left a message on btvsfigs forum on the 17th December:

Just a quick note here. Comic stores who ordered from Diamond Comics will be getting their Willows in the next week or two. There was a big mix-up with shipping her so Diamond's orders got delayed a bit. BTW, you heard it here first, we added another two years onto our Buffy license so Faith is being sculpted as I type and hopefully will get the Spike design ironed out. Anything you have seen re:Spike is irrelevant now as I have been redesigning him from the feet up. My old drawings were pretty bad. I have some fun plans for him. No updates on other characters yet though.

I thought I would jump on here to post this update, but keep in mind that don't peruse forums very often. We do answer e-mail messages so, feel free to keep in touch that way.

Tracy Mark Lee
Electric Tiki Design "

I'm so glad that they'll redo the Spike-design. As you see on this page (scroll down) Spike isn't the best design they had.

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