Saturday, December 6, 2008

Buy original art

Any of you interested in buying unic art that has been used in the comics? A.K.A. Original art.

Artist sometimes sell covers and interior art from the comics they've drawn. A lot can be found on ebay, but sometimes you can ask the artists themselves (if they have blogs or web-sites) if they have any art to sell. The later is probably the best way to go, since I have hardly found any Buffy or Angel art on ebay.

For example; I found Joe Corroney's(Spike vs Dracula) site
HERE where he sells art, and after contacting Stephen Mooney HERE I found out that he sells his original art as well. I asked about a few covers I'm interested in.

Here's the price for;

Angel Auld Lang Syne issue 3 : 300$ LINK

Angel After the Fall issue 4 : 400$

Angel After the Fall issue 7: 500 $

(I really want the Spike one from After the Fall, but I don't have the money.)

Now, about ebay. Unless the seller writes "original art" in the title, it's a bit tricky to find them. I try to search for the artists names as well, but since I'm interested in ANY artists work on Buffy this becoms a pain since many artists have worked on Buffy and Angel, so I just search for Buffy in the comics section on ebay and look for the priciest stuff, to see if there's any art for sale, because the art is often a bit expensive.

However, it's possible to find bargains. Happy hunting!

PS. If anyone reading this post has any Buffy/Angel art to sell, leave a comment. I might be interested, or anyone else who reads this post.

EDIT- Apparently, there's a subsection on ebay named original art(within the comics section). I should have checked that. That would be a good place to start looking(hopefully everyone will sell their Buffy art there, and not forget to if there's a original art section).

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