Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MY THOUGHTS A laugh: How Buffy would react to Connor's existence.

On slayalive.com we had a discussion about if Buffy knew about Connor and how she would react to his existence.

I thought she didn't and this is the way she would react if Angel told her:

Well, first of, I think she would ask

"Sex? You had sex!?! We couldn't be together because of the curse, and my so called future?

It's okay, it's okay, I guess you've done research and figured out that you can have sex without turning evil, you knew that for a fact.... No? You were depressed and didn't care? YOU COULD HAVE ENDED THE WORLD FOR ALL YOU KNEW?

Oh, he's named after your dad. That's so sweet, I've never heard you talk about your parents.

So, who's the mother?

DARLA? And you let her live, after the sex, to kill thousand of knew lives? Oh yeah, I get if you'd done that Connor wouldn't be alive, but you didn't know that did you, when you sent her out of town saying 'If you come back I'll kill you'" What kind of many-pandy-slandy is that?

Oh I let you live that time in the mall??? I was 17, had just lost my virginity and stilled loved you. You had already killed Darla once!! You're 200 years old, get over yourself!

Oh a picture! He's cute."

That might be a tiny bit what Buffy would say, but mostly, that was me.

It gave some users at slayalive a laugh and I hope it did for you too.


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