Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From the episode Helpless(Buffy, season 3), when Buffy suffers from loss of slayerness, due to Giles and The Council.

Buffy lists the merits of becoming a non-Slayer in this exchange cut due to length:

BUFFY: I mean, there's a plus side to being a regular girl. The whole not-bleeding-and-killing-and-dying experience.

WILLOW: As for example.

BUFFY: Then there's buying outfits without worrying if they're good for bleeding-and-killing-and-dying in. There's a lot of good to it.

Once again, Buffy quote provided by The Watcher's guide (vol 2. in this case).


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  2. That's right, she's a oldie now. Probably a bit younger in the comics, but still, yikes.

    I thought for a minute there that she should settle down, have kids. Oh, society's laws, how you bound me.