Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

From the season 2 of Angel episode, Guise Will Be Guise (the ep when Wes pretends to be Angel and get's some action).

Cut due to length is this scene in which Wesley meets a woman at Caritas and tries to express her with his understanding of the demonic world.

WESLEY: ...might seem bizarre due to their very demonogenesis, by which I mean that they originate in a culture that stands outside and yet-

Cordelia tugs him away from the woman, toward the door.

WESLEY: I was having a conversation!

ANGEL: Wes, that was a Tarbo demon who was about a minute from plunging an ovipostor into your navel and spitting a larva into your colon.

WESLEY: Oh. Heading home, are we?

God, how fun that would have been to see. They should have dragged her out and killed her tough.

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