Sunday, September 20, 2009

MY THOUGHTS Reasons not to have Kennedy killed

Something I posted over at Slayalive's blog just now:

I realize my little list is nothing compared to the other serious blogging going on on this blog, but what the hell, it's well over midnight and I don't want to go asleep since that means I have to wake up tomorrow to do the homework I should have done today(not that staying up later will help, but let's ignore that fact).

So here is my list;

10 reasons we shouldn't keep saying "Joss, kill Kennedy. Kill her NOW!"

10. She's hot.

9. Wanting someone to die is wrong. Bad fans.

8. She's a hot lesbian.

7. I like her wardrobe.

6. She makes Willow happy.

5. She's a good fighter. She has to be. Can you imagine how many people/demons who must have tried to kill her for her personality's sake? Yet she's still standing.

4. She's funny. Okay, her jealousy and general crappy attitude gets annoying, but she is from time to time very amusing with her personality disability(I'm not sure if that's a actual term, but I think it's quite fitting when talking about Kennedy).

3. I want her to become more likeable/admirable before she dies. Otherwise we'll always remember her as "that lame character who was only there to bitch and be Willow's rebound-girlfriend. Not even a real character, just a tooth ache and pain killer all wrapped up into one, impossible as it may seem"(okay, I realize not everyone who reads this is anti-Kennedy, but you can partly agree that she needs to develop as a character more, yeah?)

2. Sometimes you need someone who questions you. Because let's face it, Buffy's great, fantastic, a "hell of a woman" as Riley and Spike said, but she's not perfect and it's good for her, and other people Kennedy questions, to re-think their plans. And I think it's motivating for Buffy too. I bet she loves proving Kennedy wrong.

1. The nr one reason not to have Kennedy killed;

Who else will be bitch about? Rona? Amy? Warren? You often don't know a good thing before it's gone, so keep on hating that brat, because you know that it's likely that Joss will one day be able to make us like her, and then soon kill her.

Not bad for something written at 1 am, huh?



  1. Ha! Very amusing list, and even though I'm not a Kennedy fan I don't actually want her to be killed off.