Thursday, January 1, 2009

9 things I want for 2009.

Since a new year is here, I thought I would stray from the gay theme of this week and tell you about

9 things I want from the world of Buffy & Angel this year;

*I want the Buffy tarot cards that were cancelled to be un-cancelled.. LINK We don't know why they were cancelled, maybe there's a good reason for it, but I want them bad. Look at the art of these 9 cards that were a "preview" of what's to come. I think I remember that we were promised spoilers for Season 8 as well, hidden in the cards' art.

*Buffy the sketchbook 3 to be released soon. Read more about the sketchbooks in my old post HERE

*More Buffy & Angel comics. Preferably something set between Season 7 & 8, with lots of character development. I want to know about how Xander came to be with Dracula, how Kennedy died, how did Vi become squad leader, did Buffy have trouble gathering the slayers, etc etc.

*Or even better, I want a Buffy movie set between Season 7 & 8, explaining things. Guessing is fun, but also unsatisfying. Maybe the slayers didn't want to follow Buffy at first, maybe there's was an apocalypse, maybe Xander or Dawn saved the day, maybe Giles fell in love, you know, we have no idea.

*I want Willow to not have been cheating on Kennedy(in Season 8). Maybe the vision we're shown in issue 10 was more innocent than it seemed. I can dream.

*I want a Spike tiki made and released. One is planned, so it's probably coming. And oh, preferably, it will be much cheaper than the ones being sold now. Otherwise I have to settle for drooling over pics of it, like with the rest of the Buffy-tiki's. (If you don't know what I'm talking about CLICK )

*I want to hear news about a Watcher's guide 4. The guides have so far covered Buffy season 1-7, but I want something similar for Season 8. I don't just want sketches and script notes, I want issue guides, interviews, essays and other fun things that the authors had in the previous guides. But to flesh the book out, it should include Season 9 as well (which mean that it will take a while before the book is done, since we don't even know when Season 9 will begin). Actually, now when we're at it, include all the Buffy comics and the Angel ones as well, just to make it more interesting.

*I want Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Amy Acker, James Marsters, Georges Jeanty, Brian Lynch and lots of other Angel & Buffy people to come to this event, Hallowhedon. It's around Halloween next year and since it will be in London, I might be able to make it (I live in Sweden and plane-tickets to cons in USA costs a lot). But I will only go if enough people show up (because of money issues) and so far there's only Nick...

*I want Riley to be nice(for you non-Season 8 readers, Riley is an allie of the big bad of the season) Let him be mind-controlled and used, not evil. Sure the guy pretty much cheated on Buffy with those vamps, but still. Read my theory about Riley's betrayal here if you want. Hopefully I'm right, and Twilight is controlling Riley.
That's it folks. Hopefully some of my wishes will come true. I should have gotten candles on my birthday cake so I could have blown them out and made a wish...

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