Sunday, April 18, 2010

4x Weekly feature

Since I missed last weeks original script excerpt and 'What to buy?' posts, I'm giving you double this week.

Couplet (Ats, season 3, Angel is jelaous of Groo who got Cordy, Wesley is jelaous of Gunn who got Fred, and there's a big three-thingy that kills people).

After Wesley compares Angel's uniqueness to the rare volumes in the bookseller's shop, not only does Lionel announce that he has three copies of the book Wesley requested, but he goes even further in to unintentinally cut down Angel by admitting:

"Cover's coming off this one. I'll give you twenty per cent off and a free book mark."

Inside out (Ats, season 4, Angel's looking for Skip, Darla speaks to Connor, "Cordelia" in labour)

Darla tries to make a connection with Connor in a line cut due to length.

"I know what it's like. Being drawn into the darkness. Not knowing which path to take. Or if there even is one."

Not much Buffy or Angel collectibles being released these days, but if you happen to be into Firefly, maybe you'll like this shirt? Then there's of course the Dollhouse props FOX ebay store is auctioning off. I've heard they have happened to mislabel a item or two in their time, but as far as prop auctions go, these are said to be legit and "safe".

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