Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

Dialouge cut from I Will Remember You, the episode when Buffy and Angel almost got their happily ever after. Possibly the sadest episode of both shows. Definitly in the top 5.

I think it was suppose to be sometimes after this scene. Maybe the cut dialouge was originally in this scene, just before Angel walks in.

DOYLE: So Buffy and Angel, it's always been pretty ... (mimes fisticuffs)... volatile?

CORDELIA: That was nothing. One time they kicked the daylights out of each other at the mall-I was too embarrassed to shop there for, like, weeks.

DOYLE: It must have been good sometime...

CORDELIA: At first he was just hanging around in the shadows, spying on us- boy, a lot's changed there, huh?-I was seeing someone at the time so I guess he sort of fixated on her.

DOYLE: And eventually they got together.

CORDELIA: Did they ever, on her seventeenth birthday. Which kicked in his 'knowing a moment of true happiness' curse and then it really got ugly.

DOYLE: He went bad, tried to kill her.

CORDELIA: He tried to kill everybody. You weren't really goin' out much after dark in those days... Then she ran him through with a sword, sent him to Hell. He popped out four months later which was like a hundred years of torment in demon time or something... His hair's never been the same.

DOYLE: And then?

CORDELIA: Then they were on-again off-again- you sort of need a score card at this point-but finally they broke up for real last spring. That's when he took off for L.A. The story thus far.

DOYLE: Great. So what happens now?

Oh Cordy, still so full of herself. It's amazing how she grew as a person, after starting out as such a immature self-centered brat.

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