Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

[Small spoiler for Season 8 issue 12-15 below.]

From Buffy vs Dracula (Btvs, season 5). This is probably from their exchange in the castle, when Dracula is trying to convince Buffy she belongs in the dark.

Dracula tries to convince Buffy of their link in these lines cut due to length:

DRACULA: I know intimately what it is to be different. Human, but not quite... Of the world, but still an outsider... You see? We understand each other. Both of us are born of darkness, masters in the art of death-

BUFFY: No. Hold it. Enough with the darkness. I'm born of Joyce, pal.

Makes me wonder why he wanted to convince Buffy she was "dark". To get her as a trophy, extra bride or a companion? Maybe he wanted to connect with her, because like him, she's different from others of her race. Maybe he just wanted another outsider to be with. Because as we see in Season 8, he is quite the lonely man. Maybe he was lonely back in Season 5 too, looking for someone to share the dark with him?

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