Thursday, September 9, 2010

Funny catch.

I found this a bit funny when watching Witch (BtVS, S1).

"WILLOW: You're not invisible to Buffy.

XANDER: It's worse! I'm just like a part of the scenery, like an old shoe. Or a rug that you walk on every day but don't even really see it.

WILLOW: Like a pen that's all chewed up, and you know you should throw it away, but you don't, not 'cause you like it so much, more 'cause you're just used to...

XANDER: Will, yeah, that is the point, you don't have to drive it through my head like a railroad spike. I'm gonna take your advice and not beat around the bush."

Remind you of Spike got his name according to Giles' book in School Hard (BtVS, S2)?

"GILES: Our new friend Spike. He's known as 'William the Bloody'. Earned his nickname by torturing his victims with railroad spikes. Very pleasant."

Probably means nothing, no foreshadowing or anything, but it made me giggle.

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