Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly feature: Excerpts from original scripts

From, The Bachelor Party (Ats, season 1). The ep when we meet Doyle ex-wife Harry and Doyle almost get eaten.

Cut due to length:
ANGEL: How common would you say it is for modern peaceful demon clans o retain to old languages?
ANGEL: Harra's said Richard's family was completely assimilated, but I've been getting a very nonassimilated vibe.
DOYLE: Oh, fine. Cultural prejudice from a vampire. It's not like they go to your family reunions and complain the dip needs garlic.
ANGEL: You okay?
DOYLE: Do you think it's possible for somebody to love two people at the same time?
ANGEL: Yeah. I think so... just maybe not in the same way.

I wonder if Doyle meant him loving Cordelia and Harry, or Harry loving him and her demon fiance. Either way, interesting exchange.

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