Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

Two things cut from The Bachelor Part (Ats S1), the ep where we meet Harry, Doyle's ex-wife and her fiance, who wants to eat Doyle's brains. Weird show. Great show. As usually, The Casefiles vol 1 or 2, written by Holder, Mariotte and Hart is used for Angel excerpts.

Discussing Irish accents (which Angel also used to have), Doyle says: "Cause
some girls just think leprechaun, but others are all over you like white on a Republican."

I'm trying not to imagine Angel, Doyle and a leprechaun in a threesome right now, doing dirty things to potatoes.

Cut as well:
DOYLE: You're a luck devil.
RICHARD: Yes, I - Hey that was clever! Lucky devil. Although, technically, I share no lineage with Satan per se.

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