Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last weekly feature.

I'm kind of getting bored or doing these, which is why I missed the last two weeks excerpts. And since almost all come from The Casefiles vol 1-2 and The Watcher's Guides vol 1-3(look for links down to the right on the page) it might be pointless, since I so many people already own them. Or they should anyway. They're filled with great fun info.

Anyway, here are two more from Angel.

From Reprise. Angel tries to get to the senior partners, but get a meeting with Holland and some angry sex instead(with Darla that is). And Cordy goes to the Sharps to get their money.

The description of the first trip to the Sharp's was cut...

"Um, will you give me the adress again? The British guy drove last time and there was a lot of 'Right side! Right side!' going on, so I don't..." -Cordelia

Great line.

From Epiphany, when Angel gets his groove back (yes, I had to write that. I'm funny damn you).

Much of Angel and Wesley's extended dicussion of the name of the agency was cut due to length.

ANGEL: "You kept the name. 'Angel Investigations.'"

WESLEY: "We're going to change it it. But if you must know, we felt we had as much right to it as you."

ANGEL: Oh. I mean, 'Investigations', okay. But come on -"
(points to himself)

WESLEY:"Yes. But whatever good reputation that corporate name enjoys, is due to all of us. Not just -"
(mimics cadence)

Source: casefiles vol 1

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