Monday, September 19, 2011

Angel has a leprechaun on his back.

I love finding rare items and I wonder if this Angel Gryphon temp tattoo isn't a unofficial replica.

I've only seen being sold on ebay. Anyhow, I didn't want to just share it because it's a cool temporary tattoo. but because the dessription caught my eye. Particulary this part;

"A Gryphon stands for wisdom and strength and the union of both. Gryphons are a symbol against greed, as they commonly protect gold or other treasures from greedy humans. Gryphons also represent the wealth of the sun -- the light that turns the east into gold at sunrise."

Am I a complete geek or didn't that make you think about leprechauns? Specially since Angel is Irish? No? Just me? It's still making me smile.

Reply to the comment:
Really? Well, I guess the tattoo is still funny, since it's twilight-related. Not haha-leprechaun-funny, but funny.

And if you do make that infographic consider trying to publish it.

/Skytteflickan88(The Buffyverse Addict)

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  1. It's not a Gryphon. It's a Winged-Lion. A Winged-Lion is one of the biblical beasts but more importantly it's a symbol used in Tarot and alchemy. It may be a bit surprising, but Buffy is, among other things, heavily based on Tarot and I mean heavily. By the way, this paints Tara, a tarot user, spiritual guide in "Restless" and a character that bears the name of a goddess that actually exists in Buffyverse ( just check Tara's outfit in Restless ) in a completely different light. Anyway, The Winged-Lion symbol appears in Two Of Cups Tarot card, it symbolises an element that rises from the union of two lovers. And the Winged-Lion is the Twilight-beast-thing-child from season 8. The Angel is Twilight thing was in reality revealed years before it was well...revealed to the symbolism-illiterate.

    I need to get my shit together one day and make a nifty infographic with all the symbolism and mythological references in Buffy, there's so much of it, it's unbelievable.