Sunday, July 29, 2012

Joss describes himself

This is probably a gem not discovered by many: Joss's profile on

joss's profile

Member since: 15 August 2004
joss has posted 33 links and 153 comments to WHEDONesque. 

Nickname: joss
Name: Joss Whedon
URL:http://what's a URL?
Location: I'm inside your house. 

A svelte and mysterious Jewel Thief, Joss Whedon has appeared as Batman's nemesis in several embarrassing fantasies. He also goes by the names "El Hombre", "The Shadow-guy", and "Hoppy Hoppy Bunny". He likes long walks on the beach if they're brief and nowhere near water. He prefers blondes, brunettes, redheads, bald people or people with big hats so you're not even sure. Turn offs: insensitive men, people who smoke and then burst suddenly and horribly into flame. He is often very dizzy. 

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