Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Nick Runge original

About a month ago I got my Nick Runge original, but I haven't had time to post them yet(my laziness got in the way).

It's from Angel After the fall, issue 9, page 11.

Look at the difference between the original sketch and the colored&inked page. Runge didn't do his own inking like with the Wesley-story in First Night, so it ended up quite differently(I'm not a hundred per cent sure he inked all the pages, but that's what I got from his e-mail). Also, the page was stretched out horizontally. It's not that noticeable on Spike, but some of the girls' faces look weird.

If the pics won't expand, click on the links.


More pics to compare the difference;

Pic 1, Pic 2

A photograph of the original art page(the picture above is a scan).

A pic of the writing on the backside

Here's another Nick Runge page(that I don't own). Issue 9, page 12.


  1. Cool. I loved Issue #9 so much. Especially the Illyria/Wesley scene at the end, Gwen's x-men parody, Spike's hilarious dialogue and Alex Garner's cover.

    Stay tuned i'm colouring in a preview page from #23, and gonna do some more covers.

    Oh and definitely love the new banner!

  2. Thanks. Can't go wrong with a Jo Chen cover.

    Issue 9 had the "Let's get away from Angel in a car"-Spike dialouge, didn't it? That was great.