Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vote for Faith

Should Faith keep the mole or not?

Check here.

"OK, so this is the color model we submitted to FOX for approval. They dug it except for the mole and asked me ever so kindly to remove it. I wanted it on because Eliza has one and thought it was a nice nod to the actress. They have given me the authority to let the fans decide. So think long and hard, the fate of the mole rests in your hands. In addition to the poll, you can e-mail us at our site at and in the subject line write "keep the mole" or "lose the mole". And please, no personal attacks on my new hair cut.

Please spread the poll far and wide, as you guys are probably much more familiar with the online
Buffy community.


Tracy Mark LeeElectric Tiki Design"

So go to here and register to vote, or write to

I myself want the mole even darker.


The mole has been approved.

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