Saturday, October 3, 2009

Trivia, trivia, oh where art thou trivia?.

Collected from the buffy and angel trivia guide, here is(are?) some interesting trivia:

*Sarah Michelle Gellar was away for a great deal of time when the end of season five was shot. She was filming Scooby Doo in Australia, which is why the episode 5.21 The Weight Of The World features very little of her. Doug Petrie told the BBC Buffy website about how they thought of a way to overcome the problem:

“We knew for some weeks in advance what her schedule would be like and we were all very interested in accommodating that schedule. But we had the second-to-last episode of the season and no Buffy. What do you do? Joss and I were both big fans of the Dr Strange comics. Dr Strange was a mystic magician who lived in Greenwich Village, New York and could leave his body. His astral self would go off on these adventures.”

*The telepathic voice of Buffy in 7.11 Showtime was not the voice of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the original airing of the episode. She was unavailable to record her voice for the U.S. version, but it was her voice when this episode aired in the UK and Australia.

[Anyone from the US who noticed the difference? I assume it's her voice on the DVD.]

*5.22 The Gift was the last original Buffy episode to air on the WB, and it was promoted as the “series finale” and not the “season finale”. The final two seasons of Buffy aired on UPN.

[This I think was rather mean, to the audience-members who didn't know about the UPN move.]

*The translation of Willow’s Turkish spell to get the Bringer to talk in 7.20 Touched is, (according to the script):
“You are getting very sleepy. Very, very sleepy. I do not have a pocket watch but then again you do not have eyes.”

The actual translation is: “Eyeless man, speak to us. The man without eyes, speak to us.”

[Willow should have said that sleepy-line in English after saying the Turkish spell. Would have been so funny. Warmoon(a member of the trivia site) said on the trivia site "turkish is my native language so here is the original spell 'konuş bizimle gözleri olmayan adam' as english its 'speak to us the man who doesn’t have eyes'" Of course, that doesn't sound as "English".]

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