Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekly feature: Excerpt from original script

Here are a couple excerpts from the original version of Conversations with dead people, when The First takes the shape of Tara, not Cassie, when speaking to Willow.

* * * *

Tara shifts on the table, like she's about to stand up.

WILLOW: Wait! Don't! Don't leave-

TARA: I'm not. I was just - my skirt was bunching up.

* * * *

TARA: You just have to stop. You can't use magic again. Not ever.

WILLOW(confused): Black magic. Of course. But Giles says it isn't as simple as quitting it all cold turkey. He says I have to learn to use my power for good. The magic is in me now, and if I try to repress it, it's going to end up coming out again - in a bad way.

TARA(shakes her head): It's too dangerous. You can't take the chance that you'll lose control.

WILLOW: I don't want to. I can't. But the stuff Giles and the coven taught me in England - it helped. And, you know, all I have to do is think of the look on Dawnie's face - when I tried to... When I said such awful things to her. I never want to see that look again. I never want to cause that kind of pain.

* * * *

I wish Amber Benson had agreed to do this(I read in a interview that she didn't want to do that to the fans, but I'm too lazy to find a good source for that). And at the same time not. I might have thrown something on the TV if I saw The First mocking Willow in Tara's shape. But at the same time, we see more of Willow's regret in the original script.


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  1. Oj! Det visste jag inte.
    Synd att det inte blev så här, hade varit mycket bättre. Dumma Amber ;)