Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Comic con goodies!

I have to go to comic con one day. Finding cool promo items on ebay reminds me why that visit is on my bucket list.

This is what I've found to be specific for this year's comic con.

A Buffy button of this Jo Chen Season 9 comic cover(shown in this post). Not a must-buy since those buttons aren't hard or expensive to make on your own if you find the right site. Another button of a Faith & Angel cover can be seen in the link below,

Some sort of promo for the Angel & Faith comic out soon. It has a paper doll, preview of the comic and some info. Not sure if I want to buy it, since I'm pretty sure that preview has already been posted online. Some sketches look familiar as well. I wonder if the text posted can be found online as well.

And something I will definitly not buy (which isn't a promo per see):
comic signed by Joss Whedon for 150USD!!!! Even if this had a certificate, I would enver pay anything close to that sum. If it was graded, I would be tempted but without a certificate from a company or professionally graded by CGC, no way.

I'm also very uncertain about these lollipops. I think I recognize them, and they might be very old items that the seller wants to unload through writing it's from this year's comic con. I will investigate.

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