Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Spike comic

Anyone not having gotten a code to the Spike comic Magical Mystical Tour With the Beetles yet?

I just got this message:


Sorry for the intrusion in your inbox but I'm not a member at Whedonesque and can't post. I ran across a thread there about the possible difficulty in your obtaining the download code for the Buffy/Spike comic. I'm one of the comic retailers that signed up to get the codes so if you still need one, I'm happy to e-mail it.

If you want to let anyone else in that thread know, I posted a note on my store website for anyone else interested. No strings attached (except an e-mail to send it to which will not be added to our newsletter list unless requested).

Here's a direct link to the post if you want to share it.


More info on the digital retailers exclusive here and here

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