Monday, November 21, 2011

Buffy comics goes digital

[Since this post, I've tried using the app instead of the webbrowser, and that worked much better. Read it here after you've completed this post.]

Darkhorse has finally started to fill their digital store with more Buffy & Angel comics. Read the statement and release scheduele here.

But don't get too excited. I was lucky enough to get a code for the 8 page Spike comic, but was disapointed to find out that I had only two options of viewing it; full screen or zoom option. It doesn't sound bad, viewing the entire page on my screen means that the text is too small (might not be a issue with bigger screens, obviously) and when I use the zoom option, the entire panel isn't shown. I can't scroll up or down, which means the upper and lower part is cut out, which is really bothersome when text gets cut out. I end up having to view the entire page to get an idea of the page, then zoom, read the words in the speech bubble, then zoom out and view the entire page to figure out which words I missed out on. I tried to use the web browser to zoom in, but no luck, the comics stayed the same size.

I asked Darkhorse about this and got this answer:

I have a hard time reading the online comics. When I look at the entire page, the text is obviously to small to read, but when I use the zoom function, I only see part of the panel and can't scroll up or down to see the entire panel, which sometimes mean I can't read all the worlds. Am I missing a function and can in fact scroll?

Customer service:
Thanks for emailing us. Currently the only viewing options are full-screen and panel zoom. Full-screen can feel more like reading a print comic, but you are right that the text can sometimes be too small - especially depending on your screen size. Our development team is working on ways to improve this, on the website as well the DH app. I have forwarded your feedback to them, so they know the types of options our customers are looking for.

Thanks again, and if you have any other questions feel free to reply directly to this message. I'll be happy to further assist. :)

So, before you go ahead and buy the Buffy comics, register to darkhorse digital and read a couple of the free comics first, to see if it's the option for you. And if you could be so kind to e-mail Darkhorse about this, in case you're as bothered as me. I've waited for this for a long time, since I usually buy the comics from, which means that those sellers add some on the price (they usually cost from 1-4£), then there's the shipping costs. I was very disapointed when I first read the Spike comic(excited as well, since it was a great comic to read, even though I had problems with the format), and even though a big part of me wants to read the newest Buffy, Angel & Faith comics right now, I'd rather wait until I get the print versions in the mail, so I can read them without straining my eyes.

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