Monday, December 5, 2011

Darkhorse app for the win.

So, I ranted about how hard it was to read the digital Buffy comics on a laptop's webbrowser in this post, but now I've tried to read the Spike comic on a my sister's iPhone(3?) and my mom's iPad2, and it works great, because unlike on my laptop, I can zoom gradually in and out as I wish, and scroll over the pages. No need to squint at fullscreen version on a web browser, since the fullscreen is much more fitting on the iPad. The zoom function is still there(needed on the iPhone but not the iPas where fullscreen works just fine) but it doesn't cut off any text. The difference between reading on a app on a iPhone/iPad and in the web browser on my laptop is huge. I'm suprised they don't make that more clear.

I hope they get a app for Android phones soon.

Since these great news came, that the comics will be available the same day they come out in print, I'm much more excited about digital Buffy comics than before. Even though I do have to read them off my mom's iPad. I really wish I had the patience to wait for the tradepaperbacks, but I don't. So this way I save money on import fees and shipping. I do plan on buying the single issues one day as well, since I want to own a copy of every version of every comic(except every cover of every issue), but I could do that years from now, when they're sold cheap on ebay.

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