Monday, December 5, 2011

What to buy for the winter-y holiday this year.

Don't know what to buy that special Buffy/Angel fan for Christmas/Hanukkah? Well, I know what I want. I could fill a entire A4 with things I want just from

They have awesome Buffy jewellery over there. like a sterling silver necklace of the Buffyesque letter B (look in the same etsy shop for more Buffy-necklaces). Or why not go to ebay and look for more jewellry, and maybe buy this Italian charm link bracelet?

For those of you with some wallspace to fill, I'd recommend some Once More With Feeling themed metal art I own a Dollhouse piece from the same seller and it is pretty shiny! Literally and figuretively.

I love the idea of Buffy-themed outfits, but hardly ever wear them. Here are however some cool unofficial clothing articles from cafexpress.

And speaking about electronics (no?), I kind of want to buy a iPhone just so I could buy these and put them on.

And while you're on darkhorse's site, buy the first digital comic of season 8 and try the comics, if you haven't already. It's won't hurt, just cost you 1.99USD(I recommend buying the first bundle, since I myself didn't falle in love with the series until the poignant issue 5). But beware, they're best read on apple apps, like iPhones and iPads. Look a my two previous entries if you want to know more.

Then there's the more general vampire themes gifts. I swear, one day I will put together my own vampire hunter kit, like these shown on ebay. Some garlic, a Mr. Pointy-look alike stake, holy water, knives and some nailpolish, to make it more "Buffy". Considering that slaying is a killer on the nails, I assume Buffy often has to touch up her manicure after slaying.

And finally, I recommend looking high and low for Buffy-themed presents. shows off lots of official Buffy merchandise that is out there(it's not a shop, it just shows collectibles), that can be found on ebay, amazon and other sites with geek-y inventory. If you're into the home made things, I suggest etsy, cafexpress, looking for a print on, and so on.

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