Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A few cool auctions.

I just won a unopened Tough Willow tiki on ebay, for just 72 USD(plus 40USD in shipping to Sweden).

Great price. But this now means that I'm even more broke than before(I bought it with credit card) so no more ebay for me until November. Maybe a couple of Buffy/Angel comics, but otherwise, nope. I need to save up for a Spike Premium Format Statue Exclusive anyway.

So here I show you a few great Buffy/Angel auctions that I wish I could bid on, in case any of you are looking for a bargain.

The Chosen Collection 49.99USD

Buffy Once More With Feeling tiki for 89.99USD

Buffy neon sign 36.48USD

Angel After the fall vol 1 6.99USD

Angel feigenbaum bunny replica 8USD

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